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every half hour. after that, keep you informed on what's happening. go out and have yourself a great day. have a good one. see you tomorrow. good morning, breaking news overnight. a gunman shoots his way into a town meeting in pennsylvania killing three people and injuring at least two others. this morning, how the brave actions of two witnesses may have prevented an even bigger tragedy. hearit. [ booing ] alex rodriguez booed as he takes the field just hours after being hit with the longest doping suspension in baseball history. >> i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. >> but can he clear his name? and oprah and al. she talks life, lindsey lohan and turning the big 6-0. >> it's the only age i've ever
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been that i had a hiccup about. 60s. 60. >> a sneak peek at our one-on-one with the o today. tuesday, august 6th, 2013. from nbc news, this is today, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to today on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. we're hearing witness accounts of the chaotic scene that unfolded inside that building north of philadelphia. >> the alleged shooter is now in police custody. we want to get to matt from our sister station wcau. he's got the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. police say the alleged shooter, had a long-term dispute with
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town officials about his property. authorities say the shooting happened shortly before 7:30 p.m. monday during a monthly municipal meeting in ross township, a rural community in northeastern pennsylvania. the alleged gunman who held a long time grudge against officials walked into the building and opened fire. 15 to 18 residents and town officials were at the meeting. >> he began to fire the gun into the township building, through the windows of the building. he continued to advance on the building firing as he walked forward. >> reporter: police say newell then left the building, wept to his car to get a handgun and returned to shoot more. >> he then reproached the building and entered the building again firing the weapon and was tackled and brought to the ground by two individuals inside the township building. he was restrained until the
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troopers took him into custody. >> reporter: according to the record newspaper, one of its reporters was at the township building when newell opened fire, writing, i heard more than ten shots, it was automatic like a string of fire crackers. i crawled out to a hallway and got outside. there's nothing in reality you can compare it to. it was just not a reality. all i could think was it wasn't happening to me. he reportedly had a long running dispute with township officials over the condition of his property. >> i'm not really sure if he was -- if he personally knew the individuals who had been killed tonight. all i know is he had an on going dispute with the township over his property. >> reporter: and the latest information we have for you, three people dead and three injured including the alleged shooter who is currently in police custody at a nearby hospital, matt. >> all right. thank you very much. the saga surrounding yankees slugger alex rodriguez is reaching new levels in the wake of a staggering suspension and
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his return to the game last night. nbc's ron mott is in chicago. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. a-rod has always been known to draw a crowd. last night was no exception. the fans turned out here in force last night to give him a little piece of mind and a piece of theirs. >> third baseman, number 13, alex rodriguez. >> reporter: if being booed on the road is a compliment as yankees slugger alex rodriguez said recently, he might owe white sox fans thank you notes. >> not a warm greeting from the crowd here in chicago. >> the last seven months has been a nightmare. it's been probably the worst time of my life for sure. >> reporter: on his first day back to work, baseball's richest player ever got more than just an earful. he got suspended for alleged doping. 211 games. a penalty that could cost him roughly $35 million in lost
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salary through the end of next season. a lottery winner's dream. he's allowed to play until his planned appeal is completed. >> obviously disappointed with the news today. no question about it. but what we've always fought for is for the process. >> reporter: that process, much like the media spectacle his return sparked. >> do you think you're being singled out? >> what do you think? >> reporter: threatens to overshadow the game during its most important stretch, the pennant chase. >> all of this happening on the same day is a circus like we have never seen in baseball. especially when you add in the fact that this is the new york yankees. the most visible team in all of baseball. the most expensive payroll over the past decade and the one lightning rod in all of the game. >> reporter: a-rod's bat wasn't the lightning rod he hoped it would be monday night. >> strike three. down looking. >> reporter: chicago easily beating the yankees. now with the circus over, rodriguez can get down to more
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serious business. >> i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one else will. >> reporter: now in all, 13 players were suspended by major league baseball yesterday including alex rodriguez, however, he is the only one appealing the suspension. >> ron, thank you very much. mike is an author and columnist for "the new york daily news." mike, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> we got the suspension we thought we were going to see, 211 games. he gets to play while he appeals the process. as my kid would say that makes it awkward. he answered questions last night. how do you think he did? >> matt, the most amazing thing that he said last night about major league baseball was he didn't understand the motivation behind this. yeah, he does. the motivation is to have a clean sport and for people not to get the idea that they're running a sport like the tour de france. so that was disingenuous at best.
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and phoney at the very least. >> he was asked directly, mike, did you use performance enhancing drugs as part of the biogenesis scandal. there really were only two acceptable answers. no or yes, and i'm deeply sorry. that's not what we heard from a-rod. >> i would like to know how many times he used the word process last night, and he had a perfect chance to say i'm an innocent man, they fabricated the case against me, but his problem with saying this fabricated this case is how come a dozen guys took the penalty and basically said baseball is telling the truth about us but they're only lying about alex rodriguez. it's kind of a preposterous version of things. >> actually, this is kind of revealing. this is part of the statement from his attorney david cornwell, it says, it is regrettable that the commissioner's office has taken this unprecedented action. major league baseball has gone well beyond the authority granted to its joint drug agreement and the basic
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agreement. consequently, we will appeal the discipline and pursue all legal remedies available to alex. even the lawyer is not saying we disagree with the charges, we dispute the allegations. the lawyer is saying we disagree with the length of the suspension. >> yeah, matt, it's like alex and his lawyers -- and cornwell apparently is the lawyer of the moment because he's got enough to field a softball team. what he's saying is we're guilty but we're not nearly as guilty as baseball says we are. >> and finally when he returns, talking about alex rodriguez, to yankee stadium later this week for a home stand, what reaction are you expecting? >> i think he's going to get booed, matt. people are tired of this. and, you know, i'd like to think it's not some idea out of the past that fans have a right to expect the game they're watching to be on the level. >> mike on the story now for us. mike, thank you very much. meantime, we're following breaking news tied to the terror
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alert that closed multiple u.s. embassies around the world. natalie's got the latest on it. >> that's right. good morning, everyone. the state department today is ordering nonessential personnel at the u.s. embassy in yemen to leave that country following an al qaeda threat that triggered shutdowns of 19 america diplomatic posts. richard engle is in cairo with the latest. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the pentagon announced that the air force has begun helping american government personnel to leave yemen as we are learning more about this plot that has caused so much international concern. u.s. sources tell nbc news it was this man who replaced osama bin laden to head al qaeda that said he wanted to do something big. a massive attack during these, the final days of the muslim month of ramadan. the target wasn't very specific, but the assassins tapped for the
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job were. al qaeda's most capable branch located in yemen, but they were intercepted leading washington to close 20 posts at least through the weekend and issue travel alerts through august. >> we have to be continually vigilant and have been. >> reporter: today americans were told to leave yemen where al qaeda established a base. >> they have people that are very determined and very patient in attempting to carry out these attacks against the united states. >> reporter: they have especially skilled bomb makers. it was al qaeda in yemen that put an underwear bomb on a flight to detroit and sent a printer cartridge bomb to chicago. it's no surprise the man that took over from bin laden tapped his branch for a big attack. it's been creative, aggressive, and determined to attack the
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united states. yemeni officials say there was an american drone strike in yemen this morning killing four al qaeda militants. natalie? >> richard engle in cairo. thanks. breaking news this morning, former president george w. bush has successfully undergone a heart procedure after doctors found a blockage in an artery. kelly o'donnell is here with more. >> reporter: good morning. the 64-year-old former president was undergoing a normal checkup yesterday. that's when they discovered this blocked artery in his heart. his doctors recommended a stint procedure to open that artery. that surgery was performed this morning, and it was described as successful. it was done at the texas health presbyterian center. the former president remains hospitalized today but expects to be released tomorrow. aides say he will resume his schedule on thursday. he thanks everyone for the good wishes and suggested that
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everyone get a checkup. so the former president is doing well. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thanks so much for the update. finally, a martial arts demonstration gone horribly wrong. take a look. this happened over in the u.k. the taekwondo master giving a demonstration in front of students and parents. no matter how hard he tries, he just can't break that board, but it gets worse. at one point he calls for two people to hold the board. when he finally gets it to hits a young spectator in the head, making her cry. poor thing. that guy was just having a very bad day. it's 12 minutes after the hour. you're up to date, guys. >> all right. thank you very much, natalie. >> you got it. >> are you tweeting? >> no, i was trying to do something. well, there's some breaking news this morning. >> that's right. >> it's that al roker, for the first time in 39 years, overslept. >> yeah, i did. >> tell us about it. >> well, just, you know, my
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phone didn't go off. somebody said, what's your backup? i said for 39 years i didn't need one. >> you missed "wake up with al" this morning? >> yeah, we changed the name to "al, wake up!" >> time to do the weather. >> i tweeted out rip van roker. i'm getting a lot of tweets saying they thought it was rip roker. if you read carefully, that's not what it said. >> just a deep sleep. >> bill karins thinking, yeah. >> oh, man. >> all right, al. >> let's show you what we've got as far as your weather is concerned. for today we have the risk of some strong storms. look at the radar already firing up in the midwest and the plains. we've got severe thunderstorm watches up through north platte into nebraska. let's check out what you've got as far as today's concern. risk of those strong storms stretching all the way into the midwest. that's what's going on.
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we're going to get your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. 7:14 now. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren, taking a live look at a foggy sky over the transamerica pyramid. you can still make out the golden gate bridge and make out both towers. the fog is not that thick this morning. i can tell you you're only going to start a couple showers in the city today. 79 in livermore and 77 in gilroy. getting into the next couple days, look at the 70s it feels like fall out there, a return to summer norms by sunday.
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and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you. the military trial of the army major accused of killing 13 people at a 2009 shooting rampage at ft. hood army base is getting underway this morning. mark potter is there. he has details. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the accused gunman is acting as his own attorney in this trial. he could end up cross examining some of the victims he is accused of shooting. the trial at fort hood is being held in a tightly secured court building surrounded by sandbags and cargo containers stacked three high. it's not far from where the major is accused of opening fire with two handguns in a crowded medical processing center in november of 2009. hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.
7:16 am
one of the witnesses against him will be retired army staff sargent alonzo lunsford, who was shot seven times, and says he's anxious to confront hasan in court. >> i will not show fear in the face of the enemy because the man that shot me, major hassan will be the man cross examining me. that's a huge challenge. >> reporter: hassan, who was also shot, is in a wheelchair and now wears a beard citing his muslim believes. he has not denied being the gunman and asked to plead guilty, but that was prohibited under military law because prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. he will be allowed to testify on his own behalf, but the judge denied his request to argue that he shot at u.s. soldiers to prevent taliban fighters from being killed in afghanistan. >> i believe that the judge made it quite clear that if he starts to grand stand in any way and steps away from the rules of court, his ability to represent
7:17 am
himself will be revoked, and his defense counsel will step in and represent him. >> reporter: many of the shooting survivors are expected to testify and are petitioning the u.s. government to classify the incident as an act of terror so they can get combat-related benefits. many are angry that hassan is still being paid his military salary, totaling about $300,000 since his arrest. the judge says this trial could last for a month or two, and if hast sad is convicted and sentenced to death, legal experts say the appeals could take years. matt? >> all right, mark potter. thank you very much. now to a big story in the nation's capital. "the washington post," the city's legendary yet struggling newspaper, sold to one of the country's wealthiest men. chairman jeff bezos. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning. jeff bezos is one of the guys who helped bring e-readers to
7:18 am
america, luring americans away from traditional newspapers. now he's being credited as a white knight with deep pockets, saving one of the country's great newspapers. it was the watergate scandal that helped make "the washington post" a household name outside of d.c. reporters bob woodward, carl bernstein and ben bradley portrayed on the big screen after their investigation helped bring down president nixon. >> how much can you tell me about deep throat? >> how much do you need to know? >> reporter: for 80 years, "the washington post" has been owned by the graham family, earning a reputation for tough, investigative journalism. like most papers, it struggled over the past ten years. profits have fallen through the floor as readers and advertisers have fled to the internet. >> we knew we could keep the post alive. we knew it could survive. but our aspirations for the post have always been hired by that. >> reporter: now an unlikely savior, ceo jeff bezos, who's keeping the
7:19 am
management team and paying $250 million out of his own pocket to save the paper, saying in a statement, the values of "the post" do not need changing. the paper's duty will remain to its readers and not to the private interests of its owners. "star" reporter bob woodward is now the associate editor. >> this is a good thing for the newspaper. it's going to shake things up. >> reporter: bezos is just the most recent wealthy man to rescue a paper. the owner of the boston red sox is buying "the globe." warren buffett has bought dozens of paper. >> do they see more gold in these hills than the older operators? i think that's the question that is tantalizing people today. >> reporter: bezos is promising he plans to invent an experiment of the washington post. everybody here is hoping that it's a good and positive one. guys, back to you. >> thank ys, tom. he's the kind of guy that always has a plan.
7:20 am
this isn't an accidental investment. he must have some kind of plan where he thinks it he can make a newspaper like that profitable again. >> and a news room full of skeptical reporters so far seems to be going over well. people are hopeful about it. >> the odd one, though, is john henry, now owning "the boston globe." a paper that obviously covers his own baseball team, which is going to create some interesting moments. >> conflict of interest. >> we'll see what happens. meanwhile, coming up, the decades' old secret that rocked one town, a beloved college professor's dark past revealed. should he keep his job? then moving companies accused of taking your money and holding your stuff hostage. one couple forced to live with nothing for months. what happened when our rossen reports team went on the hunt for their belongings? but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ]
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v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! it is 7:26. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. crews are starting to get a handle on a fire at a storage unit in san jose. this one not far from the 101/280 interchange. that's where today in the bay's marla tellez has the latest information. >> reporter: very goes to 101 and story road, happening at a public storage unit on olinder court. we are showing you brand new video into our newsroom. you can see about 65 firefighters are on scene. this is now a three-alarm fire. we are told that four storage units are now a total loss. crews are trying to get ahead of the flames as firefighters say
7:27 am
they're spreading to other units. i want to give you some chopper video to show you. crews are cutting through the roof, trying to get ahead of these flames. one firefighter telling me moments ago it's going to be a while until this is all under control and completely out. the call came in close to 6:30 this morning. so just about one hour ago, the cause, jon, at this point is under investigation. that's the latest from here, live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> marla, appreciate the update. right now let's get the tuesday forecast and check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, jon, and to you at home. temperatures nice as krigs crisp this morning. 59 in san jose. an area of low pressure sitting and spinning right offshore is going to coup keep that mild west early flow going for today. that means more of the same. 79 degrees headed your way. 74, that's it today in san jose and 77 degrees in gilroy.
7:28 am
if you really like this weather, good news is, we hold on to it through saturday. let's check your drive. good month, anthony. >> as marla was mentioned earlier, you can see from the highway our scam cam actually was showing the smoke in the distance. the good news is a lot of the smoke is out. traffic still moving smoothly. a lot of folks are getting a quick look ast they pass by the area. the bay bridge approach is slow as the metering lights are on. you can see moving from richmond it is still backed up. just allow yourself a little extra time. that's a quick check of your news, traffic and weather. now back to the "today" show.
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oh, that's how this works. >> yeah, remember this thing? for our younger viewers this is called a cd player. >> they're playing our song. >> it's quickly becoming a thing of the past for auto makers. used to have one of these in every single car or most cars. well, you know what, a lot of auto makers are doing away with them. we'll explain that coming up. >> first the a track. now this. >> they're doing away with the players, not lionel richey. >> savannah said how do you turn this off? >> i know. i forgot. >> that's why they're going bye bye. >> it's 7:30 on a tuesday
7:31 am
morning. just allow yourself a little 2013. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, al roker and natalie morales. also ahead, one family's moving nightmare. >> this story came to us from an e-mail to rossen reports. a moving company was holding their belongings hostage forcing them to live in an empty house. we'll show you what happened. >> and imagine coming home from vacation to find a mess. nothing missing but your food eaten, your beds used and the dirty towels in the bathrooms. >> how criminals are targeting homeowners. >> matt lauer's nightmare. >> and then the driving test that lasts a total of ten seconds. >> a big fail, right? >> i'm guessing she didn't pass. >> let's begin this half hour, though, with a stunning revelation about a college professor and the decade's old
7:32 am
murder for his family shaking a small town in illinois. kevin has that story. good morning to you. >> matt, this is a story of murder and secrets and new identities and this morning in decatur, illinois it's all out in the open. >> reporter: millikin university is a century old private school that tries to come to terms with the revelation that one of it's own has concealed a troubled and deadly past. a texas newspaper has now revealed that popular psychology professor james st. james was once known as james wolcot of georgetown texas and he used a 22 caliber rifle to murder his mother, father, and 17-year-old sister in 1967. >> it was so stunning. such a horrible thing that there wasn't anything -- what is there to say. >> almost 50 years ago
7:33 am
newspapers first covered the horrors found inside the wolcott home. james a minor at the time of the killings was found to be insane by a jury and spent six years in a mental institution before released, reportedly changing his names. as james st. james he went on to earn a ph.d. and has caught there since 1988 winning numerous awards. >> he was a great teacher. i wouldn't want to see him go. he's passionate about his work. >> in a statement released to nbc news the school said millikin university has only recently been made aware of dr. st. james' past. his efforts to rebuild his life and obtain a successful professional career have been remarkable. >> legally there's no requirement for him to offer up that type of information and why would you if you're trying to get a job. despite the university's support the mayor of decatur is calling
7:34 am
for st. james to step down. the sheriff lashed out in a statement saying if you kill your family, you deserve never to walk free in our society. nbc news attempted to reach professor st. james at his decatur address but no one answered the door and despite the revelations, st. james who played guitar at this decatur bar is still admired. >> we didn't know this person. we know james st. james. a good person and a good man and a positive force in this community. >> millikin university standing behind the professor says that it fully expects him to be teaching here this fall. guys, back to you. >> that's a hard one. >> thank you so much. >> yeah, 15 years old. found to be insane. went to a hospital. >> served his time. >> exactly. came out, according to the law, you're a lawyer, he deserves to start fresh from that point. >> if the university hasn't
7:35 am
found that he mislead them or lied when he was hired, he now has decade of a good record of a connection with students, it's a difficult one but you wonder if someone like that always lives their life wondering if this secret would ever be found out. >> it's a hard thing to live with for all of those years. >> absolutely. >> we want to switch gears and get a check of the weather from mr. roker who made his way outside. >> thank you so much. these lady versus the same shirts. i guess you're related. >> sisters. >> six sisters. where are you from? >> michigan. >> first time to new york? >> yeah. >> i like it. very nice. let's show you what we've got as far as your weather. it is hot. heat advisories and excessive heat watches and warnings from texas into louisiana and arkansas. oklahoma city like 106 degrees. 110 in houston. new orleans like 106. it is beautiful here in the northeast with temperatures in the 70s, 80s through the ohio river valley.
7:36 am
90s interior sections of the pacific northwest and the hundreds extend into the southwest as well. a slight risk of strong storms into the central and upper mississippi river valleys. beautiful weather up in the west coast. 89 7:36. good tuesday morning to you. meteorologist christina loren. this is san jose. we have the same dark sky just about everywhere. overcast conditions for the first part of the day. we'll see a nice sunny finish. temperatures stay comfortable. 79 degrees on the way to livermore, 80 in fairfield, 77 concord and 74 degrees in beautiful redwood city for today. holding steady through thursday, then we'll crank the heat up come this weekend. hope you have a fantastic day. don't forget any time you need that weather go to the weather channel or online, savannah. all right. al, thank you so much. this morning on rossen reports,
7:37 am
the summer months are peek moving season and some rogue companies are looking to take advantage of it. jeff rossen is on the case. good morning to you. >> we are here to help. a lot of us move. 35 million americans a year and when you hire a moving company you trust them with everything but authorities say complaints against movers are on the size. some companies taking your money, then taking your belongings hostage. i got an e-mail from a couple saying it just happened to them. could we find their stuff? could we get it returned? this hunt took us all over the country. >> we're just doing a story about your company and want to ask you questions. >> do it from outside. >> why don't these movers want to talk to us. >> we just want to ask you a couple of questions. this completely empty house could be why. >> we normally do interviews sitting on chairs. this is a new one. >> we don't have chairs. >> ashley and her fiancee call it a nightmare, living in this three bedroom house with zero
7:38 am
furniture. >> there's nothing in here. >> zero belongings. >> completely empty. >> their moving company was holding everything they own hostage. >> this is the living room. this is the air mattress we sleep on. >> in the living room. >> in the living room, yes. >> they fired first call movers to bring their stuff from florida to here in colorado. here's the contract. just over $1,700 and everything would be delivered within 14 to 21 business days. but two months went by and still nothing. >> hey, this is ashley kenner. >> ashley called the company every day. >> it went from your stuff will be there in about 15 days, 10 days, 8 days, to your stuff is still in our warehouse in florida. >> you're getting the run around. >> yes, for the past two months. >> now first call movers is under investigation by the federal government. ann runs the agency regulating
7:39 am
interstate movers. >> i have the companies record here. dozens of complaints for charges, pick up and delivery problems and holding people's items hostage. how troubling is that. >> it's the nature of that complaint that puts them on on the list to investigate. >> they launched a new national fraud task force to crack down on rogue movers. >> what is your message? >> get out of the business or we'll shut you down. >> we track first call movers here to this office park in fort lauderdale, florida. they declined our request for an on camera interview but we wanted to come by in person to give them a second chance to answer the question, where is this couple's stuff. >> do the names ashley and michael kenner ring a bell? you have been holding their stuff hostage for two months. we just want to ask you about this couple and why you have been holding their stuff hostage
7:40 am
for more than two months. >> the company told us there's been no runaround with mike and ashley. that for two months they didn't know where to deliver their stuff because on the initial estimate it's listed as going to storage in colorado. >> just to be clear, do you want your stuff in storage? >> we never wanted it in storage. >> you told them multiple times where you live and where to bring it? >> yes. >> after our interview ashley and mike filed a federal complaint against first call. >> they don't want to talk to us. >> but the day after our visit, good news, ashley and mike's moving van finally arrived after two months in limbo, they're now getting all of their stuff back. from the furniture down to the dishes. >> no more paper plates. >> the company is also giving them a full refund. >> we would like to thank the "today" show because without your help this wouldn't have happened today. >> we can have champagne now. yeah, drink up.
7:41 am
we love a happy ending. how do you protect yourself from becoming a victim? here's the takeaway. always get an estimate in person at your house. don't do it over the phone that way they can't jack up the bill later claiming you have extra stuff they didn't know about. always ask who is doing my move. sometimes they hire subcontractors to do the actual work and before you hire anyone research their complaints history online. links right on our website right now. click on the rossen reports section. we have a link on how to file the complaint against the moving company. >> if all else fails call jeff rossen. >> i'll be on your window if i have to. >> great advice. something new to worry about on your next vacation. criminals that don't steal, they actually move into your home. we'll have that story. >> and the new book exposing the highs and lows in the relationship between jfk and his wife jackie including a surprise
7:42 am
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we're back at 7:45. we told you in the past that the summer vacation season is primetime for home burglaries but in some cases the people breaking in aren't taking anything, they're simply making themselves at home. nbc is in barrington, rhode island to explain this. good morning. >> good morning. creepy. talk about brazen. the people that broke into this house didn't pull the flat panel televisions off the wall or take jewelry sitting right there on the dresser. nothing was physically stolen, but what they did, the family that live here says was even worse. >> reporter: tracy knew something was wrong the minute she walked into her house after a week' vacation. >> i had stacks of dishes in my sink. fruit flies, house flies. the most disgusting thing i've
7:47 am
ever -- it was disgusting. >> their home was a wreck as if someone had lived there while they were away. in fact, someone had. police call them vacation squatters. they find an empty house, move in and take a vacation of their own. >> it's a terribly violating feeling that somebody is in your home using your things. as the time went on i'm like did somebody -- did they use my tooth brush? did they sleep on my bed. >> they found dirty underwear on the couch and piles of towels by the pool. the food in the bridge was eaten and alcohol was gone. they even baked cookies. >> they used all of my food. >> they even took the garbage out at one point. >> it's a little like the tom cruise classic "risky business" expect they weren't home throwing a party. some police departments like tampa started vacation watch
7:48 am
programs. >> it gives the citizens that kind of comfort of knowing that the police are doing a little bit extra watching their house. >> as for the woodards, they wanted theirs to be a fun and open home. just not this open. >> when's the next vacation? >> no telling. >> they're going to keep the plans secretive for now. police say they have plenty of evidence. there were fingerprints literally all over the house and as for the woodards, they always wanted their house to be the fun one where people would want to come. they just expected to be invited to the party. >> people they know, janet. >> yeah. >> can you imagine that? >> no. >> i really can't. >> you would literally have everything burned in your home. >> i'd move to another state. that would be it. >> anyway, coming up, why are the french saying.
7:49 am
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7:53 am
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the time is 7:56. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. crews are starting to get a handle on a fire burning at a storage united in san jose. this is not too far from the 101 interchange. about four of the storage units were damaged by the flames. nobody was hurt. dozens of firefighters are checking for hot spots, making sure everything is out. they tell our marla tellez at the scene it will be a while before this one is actually cleared. meantime a statewide amber alert issued for two children from shaig county. authorities believe james dimaggio kidnapped the children after killing their mother. he's believed to be drive ag blue nissan very sand may be headed to either texas or canada right now let's get a check on your tuesday forecast and say good morning to christina loren.
7:57 am
>> good morning. taking a live look here. the sunol area. looking really good. already starting to see the clouds clear out. we have low clouds all the way inland. the cool west early flow will bring the cool ocean air in all morning long. look where we're headed as a result. 80 in fairfield, 79 in livermore. right here in san jose, 74 degrees. you can give that ac a break. we'll have your seven day in a few moments. >> things are looking good, other than the typical congestion we see this time of morning, nothing to report as far as major slowdown. the maze is slow, moving off of 80 coming through richmond and also right at the bay bridge you can see the congestion continues and this is the way it looks really all the way up until about treasure island. you get down into fremont on 880 southbound, things are slow there and also into palo alto. again, no major accidents to report here at 7:57. >> thank you very much. we'll be back in one-half hour
7:58 am
from now with another local update. that will be at 8:26. we hope to see you then. so... [ gasps ]
7:59 am
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we want to be the next matt and savannah. >> louisiana. >> hey al. >> our dogs love "today." >> we came all the way here from minnesota. >> our crowd is the best. they dance, they sing. they try to get our jobs. we love them. it's 8:00 on a tuesday morning. 6th of august, 2013, and we're ready to bond with the lovely folks out here on a pretty day here on the plaza. i'm savannah guthrie along matt lauer and al roker. coming up, do you have a cd player in your car? >> yes. >> i do. >> you do?
8:01 am
this makes my point exactly. while there are some cars that don't have the cd player, some still have it. it's a very slow exit because a lot of people don't want to part with their beloved cds. >> it's something you'll see more and more in the coming years. a lot of cars on the road right now have them. >> you still have your eight track. >> i do. i have the cassette player. >> and the phonograph. >> i do with the speaker in the backseat. there's a controversial new book out about the kennedy family with amazing claims in it. for example, did marilyn monroe actually call the white house to talk to jackie kennedy about her alleged affair with jfk? we'll talk to the author of that book coming up shortly. >> then on a much different note, from hoses to ice cream makers, you know them, you've seen them on tv. those infomercials. well, this is our summertime edition and janice lieberman will be here to find out if they deliver.
8:02 am
>> i read the script on that, people really did like several of the products which is good. >> yeah, we vetted them for you. a programming note, the commander and chief is taking over late night. barrack obama will be jay leno's guest tonight on "the tonight show. " do you know how many times he has been on the show. >> his fifth time. >> this will be his sixth visit overall. >> he likes it. you can catch at this 11:35, 10:35 central here on nbc. >> let's get a check of the headlines. >> good morning everyone. the emergency evacuation of americans from yemen is underway this morning. the air force is transporting nonessential u.s. diplomatic personnel out of yemen because of an al qaeda terrorist threat. this follows the closing of a dozen diplomatic missions in the middle east and north africa. a gunman opened fire in a town hall building in pennsylvania. it happened in a meeting in ross township, pennsylvania. they say newell used a semiautomatic pistol
8:03 am
to shoot through the wall of the building and into the meeting. five people were injured including the shooter. he was taken into custody. autopsies are being done today on two young boys killed apparently by an escaped python. police in new brunswick, canada, say the victims, a 5 and a 7-year-old, were sleeping over at a friend's apartment above a pet shot. and they believe the 15 foot snake got out of the enclosure, and went up through the ventilation shaft and strangled the boys. the snake has been recaptured. we have some unfortunate news this morning about 2-year-old logan stevenson. he was the very sick pennsylvania boy who served as best man at his parents' wedding on saturday. well, logan passed away last night in his mother's arms. he had a rare disease but his parents wanted him to play a central role in their wedding as a celebration of being a family. his mother writes on her facebook page, he is with ange angels. we love all of you for all of your prayers. the head of the republican
8:04 am
national committee is accusing nbc and cnn of promoting a possible presidential candidacy by hilary clinton. nbc news white house correspondent peter alexander has more. >> reporter: will she or won't she? hillary clinton hasn't tipped her hand for 2016 but some republicans say she is already getting a boost from two major networks, nbc and cnn. >> they're promoting hillary clinton and they'll spend millions of dollars doing it. >> reporter: the national committee chairman is upset with nbc for a four hour miniseries to be produced by it's entertainment division. diane lane booked to play clinton and cnn for a documentary on clinton to air next year. on monday he fired off letters calling the program a thinly veiled attempt at putting a thumb on the scales of the presidential election. threatening to block them from hosting republican primary debates in 2016. if the planned productions aren't cancelled by next wednesday. >> we have a responsibility as
8:05 am
the party to make the choices as to who our debate partners are. >> reporter: clinton's camp isn't onboard either. one source close to clinton telling us the rnc and hrc can't even agree that the sun rose this morning so doing so here should really give cnn and nbc pause before moving forward on these ill conceived projects. nbc entertainment did not issue a response but they said the miniseries is still early in development. nbc news which could host a gop debate said it's completely independent of nbc entertainment and has no involvement in this project. cnn urged the rnc to reserve judgment insisting that the rnc limiting debate participation is the ultimate disservice to voters. analysts say the 2016 debates are up to the candidates. >> they will accept the debate invitations they want to accept. >> reporter: meaning the debate over the debates is far from finished.
8:06 am
for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, washington. new college rankings put the university of iowa at the top of the nation's best party school. runner-up in the princeton review is the university of california santa barbara and third place goes to the university of illinois at urbana-champaign. rounding out 0 the list are west virginia university and syracuse. we'll have more on the top schools in other categories coming up later on in the 9:00 hour. it is 8:0. you're up to date. let's go out to al. >> natalie, got all the friends hanging out. we got a birthday. come over here. your sweet 16. what's your name? >> clare. >> where are you from? >> california. >> happy birthday. let's check your weather. first of all, we always like to start off with our pick city of the day. toledo, ohio. holy toledo. wnwo. afternoon showers and temperatures up into the 70s.
8:07 am
look at the showers and thunderstorms making their way through the mid mississippi valley. wet weather in the southwest. look for rainmaking it's way into parts of the southeast as well. look at the showers coming around. also expecting to see more heavy thunderstorms. in the midsection of the country. there was a lady with pringles. you have the kringles. where are you from? >> wisconsin. >> love it. 8:07, tuesday morning, lots of fog in the city by the bay, but it's this natural ac that's going to keep our temperatures so comfortable yet again today. more of the same, basically a carbon copy from yesterday. only difference is we've actually taken your temperature down a couple of degrees, 79 in livermore, 69, fremont, a cool day at the coast, just 59 there holding steady through thursday, then we are slowly going to warm up friday and saturday. summer air returns on sunday.
8:08 am
guess what, it's a birthday kringle for our cameraman. happy birthday jimmy. try some of that jimmy. >> oh, jimmy. >> have another piece. jimmy lost some weight recently. we need to fatten him up a little bit. >> thanks for the birthday kringle. >> the weird thing is that's how he eats everything. nothing different there. >> his mom's so proud. >> meanwhile, coming up, al goes one-on-one with oprah. we'll have a preview of his interview. >> how much did jackie kennedy know about president kennedy's alleged affairs. we'll talk to an author about an explosive new bookmaking controversial claims. >> and we'll show you a sneak peek at some of the movies you'll be racing to see this fall. but first, these messages.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
we are back now at 8:12 with what's trending today. trending on usa today, how noticed something maybe missing from newer model cars. remember these things? we're called cds. >> what? is this your cd? >> it is. that's a christmas album. their arrival on the music scene with you supposed to spell doom for the cassette tape. >> well, now the bells are tolling for the disks. car manufactures are slowly fading out the cd player but actually they're proving hard to get rid of because a lot of people don't want to give up their prized collections of cds. do you have the cd tower at your house? >> i do. >> i don't want to get rid of them. >> some companies don't even offer the devices anymore and others are putting them in the glove compartment. >> i still have that '87 mixed tape you made for me. >> actually, you know, you love
8:14 am
cds and we joked about the atrack but you're a modern guy. we have a live shot of your dressing room right now and you left it on. >> that reminds me. is that your copy of tiger beat magazine? what a babe. >> it's making a big come back. >> it is. the turntable is back in a big way. >> i'm a modern guy. >> these days i have the bing crosby albums but i play them like this. >> i like that. >> okay. >> moving on. trending on facebook, oprah's hair raising issue, the media mogul wears a nearly four pound wig for the september issue of o magazine. the headline says let's talk about hair and the magazine explores women's obsession with
8:15 am
all things hair. the long and the short of it. it's like carrying an extra head. lucky she has broad shoulders. her nickname for the wig, wild thing. and with the new movie coming out, "the butler" oprah is everywhere today. you got a chance to sit down with her. >> that's right. we'll talk about the movie but yesterday i talked to her about one of the stories that kept her in the headlines lately. her decision to do business with lindsey lohan. >> all i can say about it is that i believe that she believes that she is ready to move forward in her life. this series for me, i heard a lot of things about me mentoring her or -- i will be involved in the production of it and i will offer my advice and counsel to her if she is willing to receive it. i have to say, i as a person that lived my life in the public eye since i was 19 years old, if somebody had given me $7 million for that job when i knew nothing
8:16 am
and had no experience, i don't know what would have become of me. >> and she said the good thing that helped oprah, she was 30 when it happened and b she had a group of people around her who were instrumental in helping her make the right decisions. >> that picture of her with the hair on the cover of the magazine was like she had a picture of you sitting on top of her head. >> she called you wild thing too. >> look at that. >> yeah, any excuse to get that out. >> on another note, we also talked about an upcoming event that got her just a little nervous. >> january marks a milestone for you. >> yes. i'm a little -- you know, it's the only age i've ever been that i had to like hiccup about. the 60s. 60. >> it's the new 30. >> not the new 30, al.
8:17 am
>> no, new 40? >> 45. >> what are you going to do? >> i am going to throw a big bash and celebrate making that milestone. that's what i'm going to do. >> and i'm going to try to get an invitation. >> yeah. >> surprised you didn't already get that. >> i'm trying. i'm working on that. we have more of our interview with oprah and the movie, lee daniels, "the butler" coming up tomorrow. >> we're not making fun. >> also, coming up, trending on youtube, how long did it take for you to pass your driving test. >> first time i think. >> i failed it before. >> you failed it? >> but as an adult. that's another story. >> i think we want to hear it. all right. no matter how bad it was. it couldn't be as bad as this woman's driving test. check it out.
8:18 am
>> oh no. oh no. oh. >> she's got some explaining to do. >> she drove into a bank and the car flipped over on it's roof. in her defense, few drivers have passed it the first time. >> well, i know we don't have time to talk about it but i pasted my first time. >> we do. >> we do have time. gather around everyone. my licensed expired when i was 26 years old. >> expired or was taken away. >> whatever. details. so i had to renew it because i let it expire i had to take the driving test and i had been driving so long at that point i thought all you have to do is show that you know how to drive. my mind set was that of a 16-year-old. i paused. i just rolled through. i didn't use a blinker. i was like i know how to drive and i was like i'll see you later and he was like you
8:19 am
failed. you failed every test. you violated like ten laws. >> usually they stop you right in the middle. >> he wanted to see how bad it could get. >> which state was this in? >> missouri. and they were right. so i had to move to arizona. i moved out of state and got another license. >> never let her drive. >> that's what's trending on today. just don't get in the car with her. >> just ahead on the 8:00 block. what will they eat? why the french are saying good-bye to the baguette. >> but as we approach the anniversary of the assassination of president kennedy, the facts surrounding his life and family are still captivating the world. >> it continues to inspire era
8:20 am
filled with promise. >> he was from a well connected east coast family. she was a striking beauty. a socialite whose natural grace caught the eye of the ultimate bachelor. they were one of the original power companies. >> i accompanied jacqueline kennedy to paris. >> but plagued with allegations of infidelity ♪ ♪ happy birthday mr. president ♪ >> the veil has been lifted. in his new book, the author claims despite all of their difficulties it was the year in the white house that brought them the closest before the faithful day in dallas took it all away. christopher anderson is with us now. good morning, it's good to see you. >> good to see you. >> is this your 5th book on the kennedys. >> it sure is. >> there's still more to write? >> absolutely. from day one they captured the
8:21 am
world's imagination and at a certain age, this is a defining moment in your life. everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing when dallas happened. >> well, for lack of a better word there's parts of this book that are dishy. >> yes. >> you write about the infidelitys of the former president. >> well not alleged. established. >> that brings me to my question. how did you get this information? who did you talk to? some of this has never been heard before. >> i have been writing about the kennedys for 30 years. people, all the people that really were there and during their lifetimes they asked me to keep certain things quite. they have passed on now and i was able to use material from those interviews and new interviews and new tapes released that show that, for example, jackie kennedy was very much aware of her husband's infidelitys and the one person she was most worried about was marilyn monroe. >> there's a part of your book that says marlin cailyn called
8:22 am
white house. >> absolutely. she called jackie and said look he's going to marry me and jackie's response was that's fine. you move into the white house you'll have all the problems. and this was verified by a number of people in the book. >> people are so fascinated by that relationship and they looked at it so closely. do you come to any conclusion about whether it was relationship about love versus professional convenience. >> the kennedys, jackie and jack, the point of the book is they had huge obstacles to overcome but they did in the last year. the death of their infant son patrick. the world was rivoted by that. he died in jack's arms i. was a huge tragedy that finally brought them together as a couple and jackie said we were just about to have a real life together. >> one of the arguments you make in the book is it was the time in the white house that really
8:23 am
cemented their relationship when originally jackie thought this will tear us apart. >> she said we'll be in a goldfish bowl, i won't see him. but she saw him more during the period in the white house than she had ever seen him before. they spent time in the afternoon. they took naps together almost every day. because he took a 45 minute nap every day in the white house. they grew close in the way that they hadn't and after patrick's death there was an intimacy between them. he had a phobia about being touched. he didn't like touching people. and she said he found holding hands distasteful but after patrick's death people saw them hugging, embracing and kissing and were stunned by how close they had grown. >> a lot of people know now that jfk had profound health problems. it wasn't known then but you write about a doctor, someone you call dr. feel good who supplied both jack and jackie with anphetamines.
8:24 am
>> decades before viagra and those kind of things, jack kennedy was getting massive doses of testosterone. his doctor told me these were huge doses to offset the medicine he was taking for his addison's disease. this combined with the others he was getting from dr. feelgood. there may have been a medical reason for his cheating. >> we only have about 20 seconds left. you give a rivoting account of the day in dallas and say he may have had a premonition about his death. he had an elegant fatalism. he knew it was going to happen that day. on the flight down to dallas he told jackie, you know, if somebody wants to shoot me from a window, there's no way i can stop him so why worry about it. >> it's a fascinating book. the book is called the few precious days, the final year of
8:25 am
jack and jackie. let's head over to matt. >> thank you very much. the campaign being launched to save the french baguette. >> but first your local news.
8:26 am
good tuesday morning to you, 8:26 now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. the family of a young woman gunned down are speaking out for the first time. the family of 19-year-old kimberly chico tell nbc bay area she was a nursing student at san jose state, about to start her sophomore year. they say she graduated from independence high school in 2012. kimberly was killed early saturday morning near the intersection of second street and san salvador. they do not think she was the intended target. time now to check that morning commute. anthony slaughter in for mike this morning. how is it rolling? >> things are look willing pretty good for traffic tuesday, not too bad, typical slow spots approaching bait bridge and through the maze, otherwise, once you get past treasure
8:27 am
island, things move smoothly into san francisco, 880 slow to the south bay but no major accidents but there is quite a bit of congestion on 101 northbound and san jose, headed through santa clara and also 87, very slow getting through the heart of san jose. laura, back to you. >> all right. good for folks to know as they head out the door this morning. we are going to have another local news update coming up in just half an hour. then we will take a look at this cooler forecast that we've been having, how long will it last? we will check in with meteorologist christina loren. in the meantime, i hope you get a chance to enjoy your tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. good morning! wow.
8:28 am
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be happy. be healthy. ♪ 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 6th day of august, 2013. a beautiful early afternoon in paris, france. look at the eiffel tower. that's like a postcard. i don't know where that came from. >> viva le france. >> it's a beautiful day in new
8:31 am
york city. a shot high above the statue of liberty. meanwhile, on the plaza, nice crowd. lots of nice people. we showed you the shot of france a little earlier for good reason. you look at the eiffel tower on a day like today, you want to sit underneath her with a bottle of wine, cheese, and a fresh baguette. also, has hollywood been holding out on all of us? some say the best movies of the year are a lot of star power. a box office sneak peek. a little bit later on will today's hashtag become tomorrow's groovy? the evolution of slang. >> groovy, baby. >> like austin powers. i knew you were going to go there. first a check of the weather for
8:32 am
us. >> as we look into the today, a risk of strong storms. pretty big thunderstorms firing up from kansas, missouri, parts of arkansas as well. wet weather in the southwest. new england, a gorgeous take. mild and sunny again tomorrow. but the rain moves to the east. slight risk of strong storms in the northern ohio river valley. sunny and hot out west. and down in texas it will be we have kept sizzling out of our vocabulary here in the bay area. for the past couple weeks, more of the same. for today, a live look, low clouds clearing the golden gate bridge, no problem seeing both towers at this point. they will continue to clear as we head throughout the next couple of hour, 79 on wait to livermore, 71, oakland. yeah, look that the trip across the bay bridge. 59 in san francisco. almost 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the city today than what we are expecting on the eastshore. temperatures stay study all the way through friday. that's your latest weather.
8:33 am
i think you need to do this with an accent. >> new york has bagels. paris has baguettes. what would france be without those? people are not eating them as much anyone. michelle kaczynski is in paris. michelle, take it away. >> hello, matt. the baguette is as french as the beret, the mime. 100 years ago, every frenchman on average ate three on average every single day. today, half a baguette. put away your pizza, pasta and have fresh, fat-free bread. way beyond the stereotype, in paris you will find baguettes is bags, arms, long lines, gigantic
8:34 am
bites, with dogs, with orange pants. >> you can't have dinner without a baguette in france. >> really? >> you must have a baguette. >> we won't bother getting down to the grocery and buying a baguette. >> it says yoohoo, did you get the bread? >> france without the baguette, what would it be? >> lost. >> now that i'm in here, i kind of want that brownie instead. >> our american girl in paris. >> it is really strong. >> if you and i were eating an entire baguette wouldn't we weigh 300 pounds in a month. >> no. we wouldn't eat cereal with
8:35 am
sugar, we wouldn't eat a candy bar at 4:00 in the afternoon when we were hungry. >> so this is the breakfast of french champions. >> this is the breakfast of french champions, yes. >> do you know any french champions? >> not to worry. armand put us to work in his kitchen. he is a champion baker. >> you will put everything inside. >> just pour it in, okay. >> so you have to touch it with passion and love. >> do you ever get your feet in there. >> you can. >> maybe like your face. not long ago his was named the
8:36 am
best bread in all of paris. that artistry is hard to find, even here. but when people do find it, they eat it up. so you're not going to let the baguette die out? >> definitely not. we will keep it alive. >> every year, 10 billion, with a "b," are sold in france. people are definitely eating them. make sure you keep on eating them, including the traditional ones they don't want to disappear. back to you guys. >> by the way, we raise the baguette and the glass of wine if we had one or champagne to say congratulations to you, michelle. >> she got engaged. >> thank you very much. there are two baguettes. no mishaps yet. >> congratulations. there's a shot right there.
8:37 am
congratulations. >> were you shocked, michelle? >> thank you. i don't know. i mean, it's terrifying and it feels good. yeah, i was shocked at the time. but it was definitely heading in that direction, i think. so that's a good thing, right? >> yes. >> we know it's going to last forever, right? yes! >> it's so picturesque. what if he were waiting in the wings and we did the wedding live. >> it would be a good setting. >> congratulations for the story. >> thanks so much. up next, your guide to the must-see movies of the fall season. a first look where big box office films will be. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back at 8:39.
8:40 am
the next months promise to bring big movies to the box office. big names all starring in fall movies. here is entertainment weekly's managing editor. welcome back. good to see you. >> thanks matt. >> these are big names and in some cases last year's oscar winners returning for their first time. let's start with jennifer lawrence. she won an oscar for silver linings play book and has two films coming out. >> two films. one is called american hustle and she reteams with her costars and director from silver linings playbook. this is the scandal from the 1970s which is a sting operation that swept up a lot of politicians. made a lot of news at the time. fascinating story. christian bale and amy adams in this one. >> she is also in american hustle. >> that one is american hustle. >> catching fire. >> catching fire is of course the second movie from the hunger
8:41 am
games trilogy. an enormous amount of anticipation for this. >> george clooney and sandra bullock teaming up. do they even need a script? >> gravity opens october 4th. they play these two astronauts working on a space shuttle it's hit by debris and they are stranded in space. it is a stragerring amazing film that i highly recommend. mark your calendars for it. it's literally like no movie you've ever seen before. >> even technologically speaking it's a big leap forward and sandra bullock is incredible. >> a lot of movies based on real events in the news. captain phillips is a story here about the hijacking. captain phillips was the guy's name. tom hanks is the star of this one. >> when we watched the story unfold on the news, you saw
8:42 am
these pirates take over this cargo ship in the indian ocean and hold the crew for ransom and then there was a big standoff with american war ships. and captain phillips was the hero of the thing and watching this you kept thinking this is a movie. >> waiting for it to happen and finally it happened. >> tom hanks agreed. >> the story about julian assange. >> the rise and fall of wikileaks and julian assange. explores the grey area between our need to know the truth and people's need for privacy. it goes behind the scenes. >> the wolf of wall street. >> another true life story about an early 90s stockbroker and yachts and women and cocaine and all of that stuff. >> if there's nothing for you this fall, wait until the holidays, anchorman is back. >> nine years after the first one, we got the sequel. >> you really raved about
8:43 am
gravity. i'll put that on my calendar. thank you very much. up next, the history behind some of your favorite slang expressio expressions. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ hero mom ] oh, yeah. we're gettin' cereal. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g. boom! that's how nutrition is done, people. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
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8:45 am
we are back at 8:45. remember the days of when something was out of sight or you didn't want to hang out with a square? >> luckily we have come a long way since those days. jenna wolf has more on the evolution of slang. >> right on savannah. you would probably scratch your head if anyone liked your sit upons. but once upon a time they were all the rage. but nowadays even a simple conversation can be a challenge. >> far out. >> what used to be cool. >> groovy, baby. >> nowadays might as well be a
8:46 am
foreign language. >> far out. use it in a sentence. >> oh my gosh. >> what about like it's groovy. >> no. >> no. >> and the further back you go, the more foreign it gets. once upon a time, these were sit-upons and you kept dry with a rain-napper and hogmagunday? that's what that means. slang is a funny thing. it comes and goies. what is the point of it. >> it's a way for us to have a sense of belonging. it's used by some groups. >> where does it come from? where is it born? >> we don't know what individual creates slang. we just know it emerges. >> sometimes it lives on in unexpected places. >> what's up doc? >> one of bugs bunny's creators who had come from dallas texas where in the 1920s and 30s
8:47 am
people were calling each other, doc. what knew. >> would it be possible for us to have an entire conversation in slang. >> what's up. >> how's it hanging. >> it's all right. >> sucks today. >> for real? >> what if. >> i'm otolaryngology of here. >> outie. >> hashtag showing my age. >> hag tag this just happened. >> from tv today. >> fried chicken is fry fry chicky chicky. >> to the web. >> this is going to get cr crca cray. >> today's generation is saying the darnest things. >> what if i said this swimming pool is sick, would you know what i was talking about? >> no. >> a friend of mine from texas said thode is nice of fresh. >> okay. >> have you heard of the word
8:48 am
thode? >> no. >> lol, jk. on my way, anything i write i write in acronyms. >> when you get into the digital language i'm good. my son sends me xo and ppp and i don't know what he is saying. >> who knows how long before hashtag goes that way. >> we move on and come up with new things. language is like that. people are like that. there's always been slang and always will be. >> #well said. >> there's actually where some english courses are teaching slang. >> oh, #like you care. >> we have normal conversations. >> what have we become? >> i will not answer any of her texts or e-mails if they are not in english. >> you say that but back in your day you had expressions. >> back in your day. >> in our day.
8:49 am
>> i remember back in 23 -- >> i don't know what that means and your parents probably -- >> it does seem like it's a little out of hand these days. >> at the end of a generation we'll get a new series of words to make fun of. >> hashtag agreed. >> if you have to drop hashtag, you're not going to have anything to say. >> it's two sylabuls. >> howell do the infomercial products triple again. do you see the 10% back in points, plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears.
8:50 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley.
8:51 am
nature at its most delicious. back now with summer's newest as seen on tv products. do they deliver on their promises? janice set out to find out. janice, good morning. >> good morning. i know you love these segments because we all want to know do these products really work? they're supposed to sell every someday solutions, but do they really? >> you need to get the jet. >> fits in the palm of your hand. >> the heat is on to get you to buy infomercial products with claims that draw you in.
8:52 am
the duke family loves the great outdoors and admits they have been enticed to buy tv products like millions of other consumers in the $300 billion industry. >> i order it and usually don't need it but it's always fun. >> since they welcome great summer solutions we gave them four as seen on tv products to try. the magic mesh green door for 11.99. the water jet power washer, $19.88. the pocket hose, $12.99 and if ice cream magic, $9.99. >> game on? >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> magic mesh opens easily and magically closes itself behind you. >> it promises to act as a screen door letting fresh air in and bugs out. the mesh is held together by magnets. they set it up. >> so far so good. >> then they gave it a real workout. >> so is this a good idea but bad execution? >> it's a good idea but it's
8:53 am
poorly made. >> we asked them to rate all the products from one to five with five being the best. this family gave the magic mesh a three. >> it's probably good for a season but i don't think of it as a long-term buy. >> the makers of magic mesh say they have done extensive testing to ensure quality and durability and have millions of satisfied customers. they asked any unsatisfied customers to contact them. next up, the pocket hose. >> it fits in your pocket. >> who wouldn't want a kink free hose. mike liked this thing and gave it a 5. >> it had good power behind it. it was very flexible. >> once the lawn was in good shape, time to clean the patio chair. a back breaking job, or is it? >> you need to get the jet. it turns your ordinary garden hose into a super power washer. >> but does it pack the right punch. >> it works. >> another winner. they gave it a five. >> the water jet was very
8:54 am
effective. very efficient. >> now, you can make delicious homemade ice cream in three minutes. >> and finally, got to keep the kids happy and occupied. making your own ice cream may do the trick. briana, jake, and judah shook it up. >> it's good exercise. >> and then decided. >> it's good. >> they gave the magic ice cream maker a 4.5. >> it's very little for a lot of shake but my kids like it. whatever makes them happy makes me happy. >> if you can wait, most of the products end up in retail shops and you can save on shipping and handling. >> but there's hope for humanity here. a lot of the products deliver on their promises starting with this one right here. the ice cream maker. >> three minutes of shaking and do you want to know how much you get? this much. about -- >> so a little cup like that. >> yeah and it's very soft
8:55 am
serve. >> but for kids that's not terrible. it's been sitting out a little while. that gets a pretty good rating. >> use all the ingredients you want. that's nice. >> not so much on this. >> want to take a walk through? >> sure, come from the other side, okay. >> well, it worked here but with a dog and a lot of traffic it didn't hold up. >> durability is your issue here. >> right. >> but the company said they have done the testing. as long as you don't have 50 people going in and out that one might be okay. >> okay. >> i know this always peaked your interest. >> absolutely. i've seen this on tv and if it works this is genius. >> do you want to get the water going? >> it doesn't have a ton of power, i will say that. >> it depends on your water pressure. >> it's still building up here. >> it has to unravel. >> but you don't have to constantly untangle it.
8:56 am
>> it's in different sizes which is nice. >> the power washer. the temptation here. >> pull the cord. >> here we go. >> i don't want to spray everybody here. >> what do you think? it's working isn't it? >> i give it a 4.5 as well. so products that actually deliver and not all that expensive which is great. >> no. >> thanks janice. we appreciate it. heidi klum is in the green room right after your local news.
8:57 am
>> that's upper 70s inland, finally low 80s by saturday, upper 80s on the way for sunday. i hope you have a fantastic day. from nbc news, this is
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> who was that man? i've never heard that before. >> welcome back to today on this tuesday rning, august 6th, 2013. on what is a beautiful day outside here in new york city. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales lacking again. >> wow, she is late. >> almost like she missed her alarm or something. >> i'm late. >> oh, here she is. >> i get it. >> i'm the only one that has not been late. >> let the record show we have not been late to this show. >> that's correct. >> some of you have other jobs
9:01 am
before this program. >> exactly. >> let's lay it out. yesterday morning, for the first time -- mine is only seven years, i slept through my alarm. i was coming off a week of vacation. the body was shut down a little bit. morning joe starts at 6:00, opened my eyes at 5:45. what's your excuse. >> al roker this morning. >> that's right. i got a phone call from our production manager, erin reynolds at 5:40 this morning. obviously this show starts at 7:00. i was on time for this. however, wake up with al starts at 5:30. >> we start getting in a panic around here we set our clocks to when al roker comes in singing and when we don't hear that nobody is wake up. >> up and down with my son last night and i overslept and boom. i have to tell you at first i panicked and then i thought i'm going to miss wake up with al. then it was a leisurely morning. >> it was fantastic. >> have you ever come close before?
9:02 am
>> no, not even close. i usually set my alarm for 3:15 and i have gotten up once at 3:45 and that was the worst of it but never this close. >> a lot of people were sympathetic. you tweeted you were late for the first time in 39 years. some people could relate. they have been there before. one person saying the day my boss was announcing my promotion to my team. oversleeping fail. >> that would be bad. >> that's not good. >> not a good one. >> one guy offered this advice. this is my worst fear al, tell them your bicycle wouldn't start. >> i like that. >> here we go. >> it's a little late. >> a little late for the alarm clocks. how do we turn them off. >> do you guy versus actual alarm clocks? >> i have a clock on the night stand but i news my phone. >> me too. >> with the iphone you can turn off the ringer but the alarm still goes off so when people started calling me to find out what was wrong, they were calling the phone. >> right.
9:03 am
>> erin actually called at home which was fine. but what are you going to do? >> i'm going to throw my 4-year-old under the bus. he was playing with my phone and turned the volume all the way down. >> if you turn the volume down you don't hear the ringer. >> right. >> but then you have to put the vibrate on. >> your little prince george. >> mel b. here last week. >> we were kind to her. >> so kind. >> let's take a look at that. >> ladies and gentlemen, hold on, mel b. ladies and gentlemen. >> i have to apologize. >> what happened? >> my kids. >> did you get locked out of your hotel room naked. >> i didn't. >> like your husband did yesterday. >> i'm with kids. >> yeah. >> we are barren. we have no children. >> and also this show starts at 9:00. >> okay. >> come on. >> we love you mel but it's 9:00. >> it doesn't work. maybe she is still on london
9:04 am
time. >> that's even worse. that totally doesn't work. >> natalie is trying to help her out. >> i'm trying. i'm a mom. i've been there. >> heidi klum is coming up. we'll find out if she is ever late. >> we'll talk to her in a few minutes. let's talk about the other stuff going on there. we talked about alex rodriguez yesterday morning. it became official yesterday afternoon. suspended for 211 games. she is appealing the suspension. he gets to play baseball as he is appealing this. it will likely take him through the end of the season. he did give a press conference yesterday before the yankee game in chicago. >> i just want to express to you guys and the fans of baseball that the last seven months have been a nightmare. it's been, you know, probably the worst time of my life for sure. i'm fighting for my life. have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one
9:05 am
else will [ alarm ringing ] >> there it is. >> that didn't help apparently. >> a wake up call for a-rod. >> on queue. >> did somebody plan that? it was perfect. >> as though we planned it. so a-rod plays last night. >> he got booed. >> comes up to the plate for the first time. >> he had a great game. >> one single at his first at-bat. here's his reception in chicago. >> third baseman, number 13, alex rodriguez. >> much better when he gets to new york. >> friday night he comes back to yankee stadium. he'll be playing at home. expect boos there. a week from friday he goes to fenway park in boston. that's going to be savage. >> that will be brutal. >> anybody feel for alex rodriguez after hearing the press conference yesterday? >> i don't think so. >> no. i mean, no.
9:06 am
no, yeah, no. i mean the emotion and all of that, not at all. >> he hasn't built up enough good will over the last ten years of so. >> on the upside -- and then remember all of the great little things he has done in the past in the new york post. it kind of relives the a-rod highlights. kissing himself in the mirror, he's not known for being that nice a guy. >> then i heard he's going to be opening up a string of juice stands. >> there it is. there it is. the juice bar. >> juice instead of pressed. >> shall we move on to children's t-shirts? >> i think so. >> you know the chain children's place. a lot of us buy clothes for our kids there. but they're taking at least one shirt off the shelves now. the best subject t-shirt for girls. it checks off shopping, music, and dancing but leaves open the
9:07 am
box for math and says well nobody's perfect. so the idea is girls are good at shopping, music and dancing. >> so the question is are these sassy shirts or sexist. we have a stack of the girls shirts or boys shirt. ladies man. that's not the best example. >> that kid is two. >> actually we got this for simon cowell. >> what is this? well, excuse me? i'm not a fan of general messages on my t-shirts. i don't care for that kind of thing. maybe the old rock concert shirts or something that's cute. >> here's some of the girls ones. >> but the idea is that these shirts for girls are all -- [ alarm ringing ] >> what's up with the alarm clock? this is why you are not waking up. you're breaking your alarm clocks. >> george can wake you up.
9:08 am
daddy -- >> child services. >> this just took a very bad turn. >> anyway, the company is responding to the concerns saying it has come to our attention that some of you view our best subjects t-shirts as insensitive toward girls and women. that's was not our intent. we pulled this product from our stores and we want to express our apologies to anyone we may have offended. obviously taking care of that situation. i think it does make you look at the stuff that you're buying and putting on your kids. do you want them to be the queen of everything. it's cute if you think about it. do you think it would fit me. can i stretch it out? >> i think it would fit me. oh, aren't i tiny. >> i'm joining simon cowell. >> in the snub t-shirt club. >> donny is on that list too. >> yeah, right. well, that's because he just got
9:09 am
waxed. >> really wrong turn. >> i don't know what is happening right now. >> i got extra sleep. >> the three of us are together again. when was the last time it was all three of us. >> it was before we went and did the grand canyon which was in june. like a month and a half ago. >> five weeks. end of june. >> crazy. >> there you go. >> quickly the death of prince. we have ten seconds to talk about it. the washington post as you probably read was sold to one of the country's wealthiest men. he spent 200 $50 million of his own wealth to buy that newspaper. >> the paper is going to stay the way it was. the values of the post do not need changing. the papers duty will remain to it's readers and not to the private interest of it's owners. essentially staying that what started the graham family is going to remain the standards that the washington post will remain the same. >> this is a big moment. newsweek was sold this week. the boston globe was sold over
9:10 am
the weekend. >> last week. >> this is a big three or four days for media. >> yeah, seems like if you got the money, save the papers i guess. >> yeah. you know, so many of these papers are so much a part of the community that it really is a -- >> warren buffet saving a lot of the small community papers which great. >> and bezos understands how to connect juan online audience. maybe he'll change the way newspapers are sold. >> now for a check of the weather. >> you hate them throwing kindles at people. we have really serious weather going on in missouri. heavy thunderstorms. there's a lot of flooding. we have reports of one fatality so it's dangerous there right now. more showers through the southwest. beautiful day in the northwest and the pacific northwest, temperatures up into the 80s 9y 10 an a tuesday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist
9:11 am
christina loren. still have overcast conditions over sinole for the time being but all this cloud cover will clear and we have another mild august afternoon headed our way, temperatures only climbing into the upper 70s in some of the warmest cities across the bay, 79, livermore, 69, fremont, 59 degrees that is it today in san francisco. start to warm up gradually by sunday and monday. hope off great tuesday. >> if you needed any other reason to hate natalie morales, look at this. she's got on a t-shirt for a 5-year-old. >> size 5/6. for a 5-year-old -- >> i'm wearing a size 5. okay. >> you need to take the suit jacket off first. if nothing else, it proves how stretchy these shirts are
9:12 am
♪ lollipop kids >> will we ever get out of these? >> this is what it's like to wear a manx. >> it's not broke. i think your shirt is broke. >> stretch it out a little bit. >> i can't breathe. >> yes. who wears it better? >> i can't breathe. >> up next, moms, supermodel heidi is headed for the exit perhaps. ♪ with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you
9:13 am
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i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen! home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers. she a supermodel, business woman, and judge on "america's got talent," not to mention a busy mother of four kids. >> but did you know she's a master instagramer, posting provocative pictures of herself and of her followers. >> i have seen some of the pictures. they're amazing.
9:16 am
heidi klum, good morning. >> good morning. >> you're making everyone jealous seeing those pictures. we'll talk about "america's got talent." >> said by the woman who got into a t-shirt for a 5-year-old. >> did not. i did not look good in it. anyway, pictures of you are amazing. >> whoa. what are we looking at here? >> lucky tree. >> look out. >> well, this is not a selfie, obviously. >> no, my mom took that photo. we were on holiday together. the thing is, i did this for my facebook, my instagram or twitter account. it's really for my fans, you know? so i show photos about -- you know, whether i'm on "project runway." >> you have a lot of time on your hands. >> sometimes it's about hair and makeup and sometimes it's not. >> you know how to strike the pose still from the modeling days. >> thank you. you know, i'm just having fun. it's for the fans that follow me, i never thought they would be on tv all over the place. >> well, now they are. >> you also put up one of your
9:17 am
face caked in mud. you're a big halloween person, you dress up in the elaborate costumes. what are we looking at here, can you give us a hint? >> i'm having my face cast already because it will be a difficult makeup job. bill corso is creating something for my face. >> any hints? >> it's going to be ugly. >> wow. >> it will be ugly and scary at the same time. >> oh. >> wow. >> do you have a favorite over the years? you have had so many incredible costumes. >> i love them all. but i have done it for 14 years because i wanted to be the queen of halloween for new york. because years ago, i felt like there was never a costume party where people dress up. intel the people, if you're -- i tell the people, if you're not dressed up, you're not getting in. being the host i have to make it really special. so every year i try to outdo myself. >> you have a ways to go there. speaking of hosting, you're one of the hosts of "america's got
9:18 am
talent." in the live portion of the show. how is that different from the auditi auditions? >> it goes by so fast. two hours of the live show is so quick. normally we film for four days when we go to new orleans or san antonio. it's like a blur. now we've narrowed it down to the 12 best every week. it's one great act after the next. then the next day, wednesday, cut down to four people out of 12 which so shocking. so many good ones leave. last week i was very upset because so many i loved left us. like the bootie song. i loved the sword swallower. even though he was a borderline little dangerous. maybe it was for the better, because who knows he could have hurt himself going forward. he was so different.
9:19 am
i never had seen anything line it before. so many cool -- >> that and "project runway" you have the best gig going. >> you and the three other judges have a great chemistry. you are on howie mandel's show -- >> on wednesday. after elimination on "america's got talent," he has a new show called "deal it." hi, howie, i know you're watching me right now. love you, see you later. it is basically you're giving people who you don't know, ask them do you want to play with he for $5,000. >> it's a prank show. >> it's a prank show. they do crazy things. it's a lot of fun. >> okay. heidi klum, a lot going on in your life. you can catch "america's got talent" tonight and tomorrow night at 9/8 central right here on nbc. coming up next, all the news you need before you step out of your house. they're the bad boy brokers, the real estate hot shots are going to fill us in on the new season and some tricks to get your home
9:20 am
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9:24 am
american, jetblue and frontier. well, certain blood pressure drugs may increase the risk for breast cancer. 2,000 women were studied diagnosed with the disease and compared them to women who were cancer free. they found those taking calcium channel blockers were 2 1/2 more times likely to develop breast cancer. taking ace inhibitors or beta blockers did not increase the risk. good deals on new cars could be around the corner as automakers fight to be number one. automakers will offer discounts during the second half of the year for best seller bragging rights. an analyst says mercedes benz and bmw compete to win the top luxury brand. in the compact suv category, the battle is between the ford escape and the honda crv. this may be the worst and shortest driving test you'll
9:25 am
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9:26 am
'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. cinnamon toast crunch.
9:27 am
to governor will decide if a cooling off period is necessary. the forecast after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back now the time is 9:28. look what a beautiful day is shaping up, low clouds already starting to clear here in san francisco. you will notice that camera is shaking a little bit, but it's that cool ocean air, courtesy of that onshore breeze that's going to keep us so comfortable today. 80 degrees on the way to livermore, 69 in fremont today, 71 for oakland. look at the difference as you cross over the bay bridge of san francisco. you lose about 10 to 15 degrees of that warmth. as we head throughout the remainder of the week we stay nice and comfortable no big heat in the forecast. even when we heat up toward the end of the weekend. let's check that drive with anthony slaughter. >> thanks, christina. that morning drive is really bogged down and the bay bridge
9:29 am
approaching the maze notice that you will notice as you look from 880 perspective near the oakland coliseum, traffic is heavy moving toward the bay bridge on the northbound side of things. fremont, traffic is heavy there on the southbound side of things, headed toward the south bay, and palo alto, moving along the peninsula, things good there moving smoothly along palo alto. good news. laura? >> great news. a cool start, as christina mentioned, but a very pleasant week on tap. another local news update in half an hour. i hope you get a chance to enjoy your tuesday morning. see you in a while. the thing is bee, i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy.
9:30 am
surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪ welcome back to today on this tuesday morning, august 6th, 2013. i'm al roker with willie geist and natalie morales. and, you know, we want to take a trip down memory lane in honor of you. wasn't long ago when you heard this. >> i was, my dad was writing a story for the new york times in 1985 about the very first ever wrestle mania at madison square garden and backstage i met hulk hogan and it remains the greatest day of my life. >> and you've seen him here since. >> in case christine and the kids are watching i can think of three other at as that are probably the greatest days. >> no, that's what i'm saying. >> wedding day?
9:31 am
birth of either child. >> the first one was close. >> well, and now we fast forward to today ladies and gentlemen. >> august 6th. >> a day when we'll witness love firsthand. >> i don't know what's happening here. >> the one and only. >> no. >> the one and only. >> wait a minute brother. >> better than the wedding day. >> better than the wedding day. >> oh my gosh. >> the birth of my children. >> what's up big man. >> what's up hulk. how you doing, man. >> i'm doing great. i brought some stuff so you could relive your childhood, man. >> come on over. >> this is unbelievable. >> did he say better than his wedding day. >> better than his wedding day. >> how are you doing hulk. good to see you. >> good to see you, brother. >> so the first wrestle mania. i was backstage. my dad was writing for the new york times, the piece about the first wrestlemania.
9:32 am
you were in your jeans and so great. your hand swallowed my little ten-year-old hand. >> things changed a lot. >> we this conversation and you snapped and sprinted away from us and ran down the run way right into the ring and beat up mr. t. i don't know who it was. you went from meeting the kid back into the ring. >> just cool, calm and collected. >> this is me. that's like 8-year-old me in a hulkamania t-shirt. >> show him how to rip it off. >> yeah. i got the head band too. >> another sleeping shirt here, man. >> nice. >> one for the wife. so she can wear the shirt, man. >> speaking of your wife, christshe has a statement. i believe there's enough room in a man's heart for his wife, his family, and of course his childhood hero. let's face it, this is probably why willie agreed to marry me in the first place. >> first you have to get in
9:33 am
character. you're talking to the kids and having fun and something snaps in your head and you go let me tell you something brother, willie g., al roker and i are going to run wild on everybody here on today and what are you going to do? >> i got it cut for you brother, what you going to do with al roker, willie g. and hulk hogan -- >> yeah, yeah. >> oh. >> you look like you're going upstairs for something. >> wow, wow. hulk hogan. it's a thrill. it's an honor. >> oh my goodness and going to be how old soon? >> 60. >> unbelievable. >> that's hard to believe. look at you. you're an example right there. >> still looking good. >> let's memorialize the moment here. >> can you take a picture at the same time al. >> let's show you what's going on as far as your forecast is concerned. >> that's good. >> you can see for today --
9:34 am
>> hulk hogan everybody. >> we're talking about showers and thunderstorms. heavy thunderstorms going on in the upper mississippi valley. gorgeous weather outstanding west. sunny skies down through florida. tomorrow we're looking for the wet weather making it's way through the mid-atlantic states and the gulf, but sunny and hot weather continues along the western third of it's a forecast that hulk can even appreciate. 9:34. taking a live look. here's san francisco. you can actually see a sliver of blue between those thick low clouds, still have the flight delays out of sfo, about an hour and 15 minutes. you want to check ahead with your carrier throughout the day there. otherwise, a great looking day shaping up, plenty of 70s and 60s around the inner bay, 72, san raffaele. just 59 in san francisco. you want to hit the beach, santa cruz should be nice at 65 degrees. temperatures stay steady all the way throughout the remainder of the week. this portion of today is brought to you by the venture card from capital one.
9:35 am
earn double miles you can actually use. >> the bad boys of real estate are back on the market in season six of bravo's million dollar listing los angeles where it's all about the wheeling and dealing and scoring huge commissions. >> that's right. the real estate hot shots dropped by to give us the skinny on what's going on in the new season and to share tips to get your household sold. guys, good to see you. >> how are you? >> seems like there's a lot of tension but you seem very cordial sitting here. >> yeah. what's it like really when you're sitting here. >> we're keeping our opinion to ourselves. >> this is the closest we have been in years. >> wow. >> so is the show great publicity to you guys? does it help you sell properties or is it the other way around? >> no it's good for the homeowner. you get your property like in front of america. phenomenal. >> as a realtor you want publicity. so that's the best way to do it on tv. >> good or bad. >> title is million dollar
9:36 am
homes. what's the biggest commission you guys have gotten? >> who sells the most? >> come on. who sells the most. >> well, i do but here's the deal. you're the best at what you do. you get paid well. we're the best at what we do so we get paid well. >> although two of you can't afford socks. >> it's called fashion, al. >> sorry. >> they don't show the commissions we don't make. >> no, they look fantastic. they look fantastic. >> anyway, let's take a look at photographs of the homes on the market and hopefully you can give them some tips. so this first photo is an exterior. looks like a great house. how would you improve this. >> it needs color, flowers, landscaping. >> if it's over ten years in l.a. >> josh said rip it down. >> anything older than ten years we knock it down in l.a. >> yeah. it's a lovely house, though. >> it needs color and updating. >> okay.
9:37 am
next one -- interior living room which has a pottery barn feel to it. >> a little cold. sterile. >> a little vintage. >> that's more like a funeral home flair. >> a funeral home flair. >> would you take everything out of that room. >> yeah. it needs white. fresh, neutral colors. >> stage it. >> some staging. just lighter, brighter. >> okay. let's take a look at the last property here. this is a modern living room that we have. what do you think of this? >> take the lighting down a bit. >> you guys like modern. >> the floors are interesting but maybe take them out. >> tell me about this thing you have going. >> it's cool. for the first time viewers can play along live with us and guess the listing price of the home. you go to live, that's all you have to do. you don't have to download everything. >> people always want to know the price of the house we're
9:38 am
selling so now you can guess. >> what does it take for somebody to list a home with you? do you have a criteria. it's got to be more than just a phone call. >> no, people think that. no, just call us up. >> that's it. >> you're in the book? >> you're in the book. >> all right. thank you so much. series premiere, million dollar listing l.a., wednesday, 9:00, 8:00 central on our sister network bravo. >> coming up next, how one guy is changing the lives ♪
9:39 am
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9:42 am
this morning on our special series, hope to it, a small movement impacting people's lives in a big way. >> most food banks depend on generous donations and offer canned or processed foods but there's a nonprofit hoping to offer fresh produce and giving new meaning to community growth. on a recent summer day in california, fresh produce abounds. from locally grown tomatoes. >> did you see those. >> they look beautiful. >> to ripe red strawberries to watermelons ready to be sliced. >> it's good. >> reporter: this isn't your average farmer's market. it's the give away site of the food bank and family services. he immediately recognized a problem common to most food
9:43 am
banks. >> traditionally the food that we received have been high fats, high sugars, high salts. very processed food. folks that were visiting us for services for suffering from a lot of chronic ailments and most of those were related to their diet. >> he knew it was time to make a change. >> we thought, if we're going to operate a food program, why not hit a home run and really focus on people's health. >> he forged partnerships with local growers. >> we would invite farmer's out to see what we were toing and they made the connection. >> there's too much product or product that isn't perfect for retail. they're doing an excellent job of getting it into the mouths and bodies of people that need it. >> the community is reaping the benefits. they rely on the food bank's services. >> i don't need to eat potato
9:44 am
chips. i can eat strawberries and i love the cherry tomatoes. >> it's amazing being able to walk down here and seeing the fresh food. you're more informed about what you eat and then you have the food available. really helpful. >> the food bank sets up distributions at churches and community centers weekly handing out 5 million pounds of food every month. over half fresh locally grown produce and nutritionists offer up recipes and health information. >> and then we have this great recipe for a yogurt dip for the cucumber. >> if it wasn't for this food here i don't know how i would get along. >> a basic need being met with a truly fresh approach. >> it's a whole system just set up for your own health and for your own benefit that you can't get from another place. >> right now 50% of the sacramento food bank's distribution is with fresh produce and a number of families served in the area has grown to
9:45 am
more than 20,000 folks per month. that's a great thing. >> and we were talking about obesity such a problem in low income communities. access to healthy food is a problem. >> it's a win, win all around. >> you look at the farmer's markets now and that stuff can't get sold. this is a great way to do it. >> good job there in sacramento. >> hope others start to follow and do the same. >> coming up next, princeton reviews, top colleges in the country. the big reveal is right after this.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
when it comes to choosing a college, what do you look for? the one with the most financial aid? the best dorms? maybe the biggest party school? >> princeton review is out with the best rankings and complete profiles of the best 378 colleges in the country. he is the vice president and is here to reveal some of them. >> good to see you. >> princeton review separate from princeton university. unrelated. let's start with an important one. financial aid. >> best financial aid. we were talking about it because it's also number one for private school. pennsylvania, 1500 kids, awesome school academically but a high ticket price. >> we have some of our great interns doing the reveal with
9:50 am
the hat and the pennant. it's having a goodyear. best value and best financial aid. >> their average impact is now $37,600 so a great value. >> here's an important category a something parents were interested in. that's when it comes to career services. >> penn state university. been a usual suspect on the list but the number one spot for career services. it's a big school, 38,000 kids but a 40 member staff staffing that career services center. campus jobs and career services and a network for everyone to get back. >> going to college is just the beginning. >> exactly. >> it's about where you go from there. >> now this is important. best campus food. >> oh, yes. usual suspect is bowdoin college. it is a fabulous school academically.
9:51 am
super competitive but they said we're going to make sure. >> they have an annual lobster bake at beginning of each year. >> it's in maine. >> it is. true enough. shrimp cakes, lobster, maine blueberries. it's an awesome place to go to school and great quality of life. >> happiest students. this is an important category. >> it's claremont mckenna college. students talk about their faculty and how great they are in the classroom but then their quality of life and how happy they are. 35 miles outside of los angeles. >> it's an expensive school as well. there maybe spa treatments keeping them happy. >> that's right. >> massage every morning. this is an interesting one. best dorms. because dorms can be pretty awful. >> that's true. when we were in school it might have been more cinder block cells. but you won't experience that at this college. all women's school.
9:52 am
there are no big resident halls. 36 different houses from 10 to 100 students a piece. >> no guys trashing the dorms. >> there's the key right there. >> okay. and then finally we mentioned earlier on today, top party school. >> number one on the list is university of iowa. it's been in the top list over the last 9 years but the first time it's in the number one spot. >> go iowa. >> how do you do the rankings? >> we look at five different criter criteria. it's 126,000 students we surveyed this year. we looked at consumption of beer, hard liquor. drugs on campus, hours of study outside of the campus and popularity of fraternities and sororities. >> rutgers not in the top five party schools. >> vanderbilt not either, right? >> great financial aid and great academics. >> thanks so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. thanks to our interns by the way
9:53 am
in the green room.
9:54 am
9:55 am
yes, kids, dreams do come true. >> yes, reliving a mine moment. >> the hulkster. hulkamania still running wild. >> why are you wearing your suit still. >> you want that. >> she called and said save that. >> nobody wants to see that. ♪ [ female announcer ] no other system lets you take your license from state to state. no other system integrates patient care so holistically.
9:56 am
places such advanced technology in the hands of practitioners. has the privilege of caring exclusively for our nation's veterans. there's no other system like the veterans health administration. ♪ bring your medical and healthcare skills to va. visit bring your medical and healthcare skills to va. do you see the 10% back in points, aw baby, i'm seeing triple again. plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears.
9:57 am
a great start to your tuesday, let's get a look at that forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, thanks, marla. we have this unusual summer pattern. area of low pressure lingers just offshore and for us that means we are going to see another gorgeous day with temperatures in the upper 70s inland. 79 degrees on the way to livermore, 69, freemont, a cool, cloudy day at the coast, probably need your sweat terror, all day long, sweater weather in san francisco. 59 degrees.
9:58 am
getting into the next couple of day temperatures stay nice and steady, then we are finally going to warm up friday into saturday, just a touch. upper 80s return sunday into monday. let's check your drive with anthony slaughter. >> this morning, the bay bridge approach is still very slow. once you get at least to the bay bridge itself, things are starting to thin out. that's some good news. you will notice the fast track lanes are moving smoothly, cash lanes still bogged down just a bit but not too bad, down into fremont, things are moving smoothly as well, down toward the south bay. we do have an accident in the south bay on 101 northbound right at fair oaks, keeping things slow all the way back to 880. marla? >> okay, anthony, thanks. ñ our next back wio local news update in about 30 minutes. you can expect to see us again at 10:26. until then it is back the "today" show. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart.
9:59 am
so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
10:00 am
hello, everybody! it's booze day tuesday. it's august 6th. we're so happy you're here with us today. >> we certainly are. >> al and i almost didn't make it today. al. first time ever, slept through. he didn't get up. >> he he set his alarm, he set his phone for his alarm. he said he must have gotten up and actually turned it off. usually on those iphones when you hit stop it comes back on. it is like a snooze alarm. >> don't confuse me. >> any way, he missed "wake up
10:01 am
with al." >> al missed his show, "wake up with al." >> because al was sleeping. but he made it in for the "today" show and you're here. >> don't ask me about last night because i don't remember it. >> that's the way we like it. >> but you know who is going to remember last night? >> a-rod. >> alex rodriguez. >> okay. a-rod, as you guys know and we told you yesterday, that he was going to get suspended by major league baseball and he was going to quickly appeal sew was goi to be able to play last night. again he loses i think almost $40 million -- >> $34 million or something -- >> when you make that much money, who cares how much it is. but it is a lot. anyway, he stepped out on to the field. they called it a standing not ovation but a standing boo-vation. >> alex rodriguez. >> boo! >> okay. >> wow. >> that can't be good. >> okay. all the people with yankees jerseys are booing, too. >> you wonder what hurts the
10:02 am
most? losing the affection -- the fans adored him. they thought he could do no wrong. >> he hit a single sew got on base. anyway, that is going to be a grueling process of showing up at game after game. they had had signs that said a-roid. he actually gave a news conference right after the judgment had been brought down and he seemed -- i guess it depends on what you know of him but he seemed emotional. >> i'm fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one else will. i feel like i was 18 years old back in fenway park in 1994 when i went in to face the red sox for the very first time. and it's been 20 years. and just very excited to have the opportunity to go out there and play baseball and help my
10:03 am
team win. >> wow. i didn't see that until just now. >> yeah. what do you think? >> i think, like so many people, they're going through a time in your life where you say would you do it all again? would you do the same thing? apparently he's still denying that he used except for the time with the texas rangers. >> that one time, yeah. >> but they apparently have so much. i mean, come on. they've got so much evidence. >> i still remember when he did the interview with katie on "60 minutes" and she asked him point-blank, have you been using performance enhancing drugs and he said no. and it was one of those straight-up. he looked right at her and said no. but when you look at him his head nodded yes. it was like "no." usually your non-verbal breaks through. i think if you realize what you lost as you sit there at this moment -- >> well, you count the cost. obviously he'll not wrist miss
10:04 am
$34 million because he's a very, very wealthy guy. but he has to wonder was it worth it. >> the guy who picks me up in the morning says if i ever had had any great opportunity like that, i would follow every rule. it was just very basic. like i would do everything just right. if someone gave me the privilege of doing what he is allowed to do, i would make sure i never broke a rule because woe feel that privileged and lucky to have that. >> you know how you break big rules? by breaking little ones as you go along, then you don't even realize. >> you're right. >> and there is an attitude of entitlement -- we make gods out of our sports heroes. we just do. and they're not made for worship. they don't handle it real well. i hope he gets some help because he's going to need some counseling, i would think. >> if you had to wake up to these, damned yankee and they
10:05 am
ha have devil horns. >> one guy, i read a guy that missed out on being able to go to the major leagues and was -- >> a minor leaguer. >> yeah. but he didn't cheat. and i guess he tweeted -- said something about, you got chance that i didn't. if he had cheated, who knows. look what you did to get -- >> on what? on what? occasional game of -- oh, my god, they had these shirts in the nbc experience store. i went in with my sister to buy nbc swag because we don't have any. >> they certainly don't give it to us! >> there was a t-shirt that said blake wants me -- or blake picked me or something like that and i almost bought it but then i thought, don't do it because -- but i wanted to so bad. >> whoa! walking him. yeah, baby.
10:06 am
>> so lindsay lohan, if you wonder where she's been, she's out of rehab because she was in i think since july 30th. 90 days. is that right? no -- yes. she's been in and she's out and she decided she was going to host "chelsea lately." okay? so she hosted it and if you didn't see it, here's a little snippet. >> as you all know for the past 90 days i've been on a lovely court ordered vacation in malibu. no, but on a real note, it was really great and wonderful. it was. so i've been through a lot lately and i have a lot of people to thank for that, most notably the celebrities who kept the tabloid industry alive in my absence. like anthony weiner. yeah. kanye, i want to thank you for acting like a baby and making a baby. yeah. side note, how come when kanye acts like an idiot he gets a gold record but when i act like an i had yod i get a police record. i want to thank you, justin
10:07 am
bieber, for peeing where you shouldn't, spitting where you shouldn't and wearing your pants where you shouldn't. but most of all i would like to thank the one person who's captured the worldwide attention of all of the tabloids, the royal baby. >> that was kind of funny. >> good for her. everybody's wishing her well. >> well, she's going to be on oprah on august 18th. >> and a reality series of her own which was -- i told you. i offered but she didn't take me up. >> she was seen in new york city with cameras following her while she gets a new apartment. >> well, maybe it will keep her sober though. if you have cameras on you all the time. she have a sobriety coach, too? >> i hope so. so if you want one of those -- what a cute video -- pieces, we have that for you. there is a baby elephant in a kitty pool! this is in ft. worth, texas. her name is belle. she was born on july 7th.
10:08 am
she weighs 300 pounds. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. just so you know, that is the cutest 300-pound baby. her mother, who's probably the one standing behind her, had had to carry that baby 22 months. that's how long an elephant carries a baby. almost a full two years. pregnant. >> how adorable. that's how you feel though when you're pregnant especially during the summer months. i had cody in march and i had cass in august and, boy, there's a huge difference. just the heat. i know how that elephant feels. so. so a couple of days ago i was a little worried about blake because at 7:00 at night in my apartment he runs in circles like a crazy dog. and i videotaped it because i was like what is he doing? and he literally just goes and goes and it's crazy and i was thinking, what's wrong? >> what's wrong is that you're not hanging that painting i gave
10:09 am
you of new orleans. every time -- i gave her a huge gorgeous painting and she put it in storage. enough about me. so we're going to talk about that today. >> we're going to have a little segment on but people were sending in saying, my dog has it, too. it's called frap. right? frap. which stands for something. frenetic random activity periods. i've been walking my dog and people said, my dog does that too. so people sent us in some pictures -- this is of somebody's dog watching blake go crazy. oh, my god! oh, wow! my god. >> has that dog been fixed? because i think that's what's going on there. today is national fresh
10:10 am
breath day. wow. now have you ever told anyone that they have -- their breath isn't great? have you ever said, hey -- >> i've offered gum and mints. >> what about your kids and your husband. you'll tell them. >> it's a hard thing. you know? seinfeld had a fabulous episode on it. >> yeah. let's check it. >> she went to say hi she's with her new boyfriend. >> what's he like? >> he's nice. a bit of a close talker. >> what is it. >> you'll see. >> this is aaron. >> hello, aaron. >> so how long you folks in town? >> three more days. three more days and then we're off to paris. >> how about you, jerry? >> i'm swamped. >> you sure? you could examine artwork up close? >> maybe i'll try and catch up with you. >> you must be cramer. i've heard about you. >> you must be aaron. i've heard about you.
10:11 am
>> it is very awkward. >> it is. there is a new study out that says working -- of working women. the ones without kids feel like they have to work harder than the ones with children because according to this study from the uk, they say that a lot of working moms have to go and take their kids to the doctors or pick their kids up -- >> so they're dumping their workload on to the non-parent -- >> yeah. the one who is not a parent. yeah. they say they understand it, they get it, you have to go because you have emergencies and things that happen, but it is still, they say, nevertheless, you end up working more than the others. >> do i do that to you, hode? >> no, you don't do that to me. when i worked in local news, people in some cases had kids and whenever there was a holiday you kind of felt bad if you asked for it off because you knew that they had had like a young child. if i was going to go home to be with my brother, my sister, my mom, stuff like that, that felt different than that so you ended
10:12 am
up working a lot of the holidays just so they didn't have to miss out on theirs. >> 59% of moms feel guilty for spending too much time at the office. you're always pulled. no matter what. you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. all right. so we have a great show coming up. >> i hope so. i hope i remember it when it is finished. >> you will remember every bit of it. guess who's here? >> susan lucci! >> oh, you guys, she does those great scary couples, husbands killing wives, that kind of stuff. she's going to talk to us about her new show and all the other things she's doing. >> she's always working, always, always working. she's the most nominated woman in all of television for
10:13 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. whew - that is the samsung galaxy s iii. today is going to be epic. it's only 30 bucks a month with unlimited web and text. even you can afford that one little buddy. who you calling little? get the latest galaxy smartphones with t-mobile's $30 unlimited plan. only at walmart. are so soft, chewy, and filled with their fruity selves... they think this world isn't big enough for the both of them. but we assure you - it is. bites. little greatness.
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10:16 am
greed. love triangles wi, revenge, alla day's work for susan lucci. known for the sassy erica cane on "all my children". >> she's been honored with more acting nominations than any other performer in the history of television. now you guys -- >> did you know that? >> no! >> well, now there you have it. she's involved in some real life drama as host of "deadly affairs." you can find stories of deadly double lives to steamy romances
10:17 am
gone bad. take a look. >> of course, school should be taken seriously. but it doesn't hurt to be the teacher's pet. and whether in the classroom or in the bedroom, bad behavior must be punished. >> oh! oh, i'm sorry! >> somebody's having a good time. aren't you? >> having a great time. >> you've always been well paid for many very bad. >> i'm having a great time. i was so happy that henry from "investigations." >> everybody adores henry. he's brilliant. >> he's brilliant, dynamic, he's so funny and so smart. >> how did he sell you on this? >> well, i received this amazing presentation. it was so funny and so smart and there -- he had pictures enclose in these pages of me as erica with all the different guys, all the lo tve triangles and
10:18 am
quadrangles. he seduced me. i had never met him. i just thought whoever put this together is so brilliant, i have to meet him and so we met henry and his team and it was love at first sirth. >> tell us about your role in these stories. do you narrate? >> well, much to henry's credit, "investigation discovery" is so loved and watched that there is a website for addicts. but he didn't rest on his laurels but he asked me to host but i host as a character. so it is not the erica cane character, i have been married a lot of different times and wear a lot of different costumes and shoot on location but i host as a character and then narrate in the voice of that character. so it is not just straight hosting and straight narration -- >> you go on location all the time then. >> when i'm here in new york, we shoot all around new york and different -- amazing homes. things that i didn't know existed. >> are these based on true stories. >> they are true stories.
10:19 am
it is dramatic re-enactment of true stories with interviews done with people who were actually there and involved, investigators, people who opened cold cases after ten years and they're ripped from the headlines. >> it's fascinating. >> it is. and what's fascinating is how many people -- men and women decide not to just walk away or have a divorce. >> no. they murder you. >> they murder. >> i've wanted to on occasion -- >> they do say the person who's most likely to kill you is the one that's sitting across the breakfast table from you. just so you now. in case you were wondering. >> well, i eat my breakfast her with you. >> well there you have it. again. >> so you're having a good time. you're also doing that other show, the maids. devious maids. deadly affairs and devious maids. >> mark, who created "desperate
10:20 am
housewives," and "devious maids" i just enjoy it so much. the cast, everybody is so wonderful. when somebody has a day off, they still come to the set to the table read, the other actors with be because they want to know what's going on because mark's scripts are page turners. they're just fantastic. >> i can't believe how busy are you since "all my children." >> her children are grown now so she has a lot of time on her hands. >> well, you're right about that. i can say luck -- and luckily for me, so luckily for me, these are two beautiful projects that i'm having the best time because the material is so good, the pockets are so good and in the right hands, such good hands between mark cherry and lifetime and now -- >> it's good to be susan lucci. >> it certainly is. >> busy time but i'm having a great time. >> say hello to henry for us. >> i will. i'm going to see him today. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> saturdays at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on
10:21 am
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if you haven't heard, fashionistas say this fall it is all about denim. we are going to show you the latest trends but first i have a question for you. everyone think about this -- which company just introduced its own line of denim jeggings. is it, a, starbucks, b, spanks, c, apple, or d, >> lewis: llieululemon. >> i would guess, too, but i don't know the answer.
10:25 am
jill martin has the answer and all the latest fall fashions after this. plus, space saving kitchen gadgets. [ mom ] why do i do my back to school shopping at jcpenney? well, it's the only place i can get my kids arizona jeans, which means they can find the perfect pair that fits great... and it's affordable... oh, and it's got all the other brands they have to have. i've been told this stuff can make or break your entire year. but i'm not even going to pretend to know what "cool" is. i'll just take 'em to the sales and leave the rest to them. [ female announcer ] select arizona jeans on sale now. style. quality. price. now at jcpenney. body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its breakthrough formula changes everything. dove. this is care. its breakthrough formula changes everything. it'sin vivid color sensational the vivids, from maybelline, new york. brighter color from our vivid pigments...
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...honey nectar for a creamier feel. color sensational the vivids ♪ maybe it's maybelline. it seems our angels stronger than ever angel soft®. with two softshield™ layers. it holds up better than ever. all wrapped up in a value you love. angel soft®. the softness you want, the strength you need. ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. it is 10:26 now. good morning, i'm marla tellez. crews have put out a fire burning at a storage unit in san jose. this is not far from the 101/280 interchange, a the a business called public storage. about four of these storage
10:27 am
units have been heavily damaged by all the flames. no one was hurt. dozens of firefighters are now checking for hotspots. our bob redell is at the scene and he will have a live update for us coming up at 11:00. we will have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back shall the time is 10:28. a live look, alcatraz, see it now. you can see this, quite a few mariners out on the bay. looking good, choppy out there, wind picking up, 59 on the way
10:29 am
to san francisco. 77, concord, 80, livermore. tell you how much longer the beautiful weather will last at 11:00. check the drive. good morning, anthony. >> things are looking good, we are out of the heart of rush hour, things cleared out, the bay bridge approach, not too bad, a few pockets of slow going here and there but really, once you get past this location, thing does move all the way into san francisco very smoothly. south bay, we do have an accident that is still keeping thens slow on 101, just past 880 in san jose and slows to lawrence expressway and that's where the accident is, though it's keeping things really slow, at least for two about two miles there otherwise, palo alto moving smoothly once get past that area. mar marla, thanks so much. a nationwide amber alert has been issued for two children out of san diego county. authorities believe the suspect, james dimaggio, kidnapped these children after killing their mother. here is a look at mr. dimaggio. he is believed to be driving a blue nissan versa and may be
10:30 am
headed to texas or canada. we will have the very latest on where shorts think he is coming up in 30 minutes 11:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then. we are back, everybody, with more of "today" on this tuesday. and if you've been living in your favorite pair of jeans all summer long, you're going to want to check out some new cool trends in denim. >> you have lots of energy. >> i know. i was told i was flagging. >> here with the looks to take us straight into the fall, "today" contributor and people style watch contributing editor jill martin. >> and author. >> but before we begin, we asked jill the question -- which company introduced its own line of denim jeggings, sptarbucks, spanks or lululemon. >> the correct answer is, b,
10:31 am
spanx. >> the control panels in the jeggings. you have it all right here. these are them. can you preorder them. they're available august 25th but can you get them now so that they will arrive at your home come fall. >> i like those. >> she needs the money, that woman. >> she's a billionaire. >> i know it. >> she's a billionaire and a nice billionaire. >> no, she's not. let's talk about jeans. caitlin -- >> wait. i'm the first-month-old. these are falling down. these are the distressed jeans. now these are kind of the rips in them but i'm 37 years old. i don't need to wear full rips. these are the covered rips. >> so they come that way. >> comes this way. all different price points but i'm going to wear sort after flirty top and blazer. >> looks adorable. >> that's the first trend. >> caitlin is next. she's got some -- >> when i introduce these trends, these are the trends you can adopt to sort of your personality and what works for your body type but these are two-tone from aeropostale.
10:32 am
they're two jeans in one. in the front, denim, on the back, a different color denim. and a part y on the back! different washes and patterns. this lauren conrad blazer, 21.99 at kohl's. but for $54, if you want to get another trend this is a great way to invest on it. if you only one want color, walk forwards, then backwards. >> all right, girl. next up with dakota jeans, sara's here with that. >> sara is kate cook's sister. and they have a very similar laugh. show us. these dakota jeans and these are very similar to if you want that leather look, they're coated. the built-in control panels,
10:33 am
they're a little pricier but we use these a ton in "ambush makeover." the technology slims your stomach and waist size. >> we love your sister. >> phoebe is coming out. what are these? >> these are phoebe with the moto , motorcycle trend. these are $99. ditto jeans. again i'm showing you the trend. you could swear it with an oversized sweater and ballet flats. you see the difference in stitching at the knees. this is showing sort of that wild look if you want to pair it with a blazer, it will be more of the flirty fun look. >> lastly. >> katie. she's modeling the camo jeans. >> these camo military inspired trend by lucky brand. these are $99. i happen to really like these.
10:34 am
i think they are fun with a ballet flat, an oversized sweater. what's different about these, they're slimmer and they sort of have that little taper be ing. if you're into this camo, this is the way to do it. these are day to night. >> any other color? >> i would stick with this color. i think it is a little youthful when you go for the pink camo and all the different colors. >> what are you saying? >> thanks, jill. does your dog jump on the furniture when you're away? >> how to keep your pet from acting out. young women are sacrificing so much today not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. doll, you're sacrificing seamless color for the perfect wave? i mean surf's up. stop with the sacrificing, start here. light & fit greek nonfat yogurt.
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did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid? yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana...
10:38 am
yeah... ♪ yeah. you're so smart. we've all heard of the stories about our furry friends going wild at home chewing up the furniture, scratching up walls or perhaps even eating a shoe. >> last week i showed you some video of my dog blake running in circles. apparently blake is not alone. >> for some dogs -- i was just watching him. going, he's gotten so big. then i realized i'm supposed to say something. for some dogs this is a serious case of separation anxiety while others act out because after change in schedule or when strangers are around. today's animal advocate jill rappaport deals with this quite a bit. she brought along ruby, one of
10:39 am
her five dogs. >> she also brought along dr. nicholas doddman from tufts school of veterinary medicine. can we get this out of the way? when the dog runs in a circle insanely like that, is that a burst -- >> frap. >> what is going on there? >> so-called frenetic random activity period. it can be fun. they often go into a play bow before they do it. look you in the face, then g o careening around. they have a great time but sometimes it can be too much but then you need to put a lid on it. >> how? >> i have three and they all do it at the same time. for about a minute. then just exhausted afterwards. >> oftentimes what that means is they're not really getting sufficient outlet of energy. people don't understand how much actual exercise dogs need. they need tons of exercise. mine's two hours a day. i do like a tag team with my wife. i walk her for a mile around the
10:40 am
block. not enough. plus, they need to do things that are good for their own breed. >> jill, tell us. you've got your cute little pooch there with you. >> acting very mellow today. did they give her some wine in the green room? >> i really have a plethora of pooch mania at home. all five dogs really do have separation anxiety. this looks like a lovely cushion but this is the example of when i've left home and, see, ruby? oh, yes, you know what you did. >> separation anxiety. that's a real thing. >> a very serious issue. people think they're just so attached to me, isn't that cute. but it can actually be life threatening. you really have to zero -- >> for the dog or for you? >> for your wallet, absolutely. definitely very -- >> first, make sure the dogs have it. some dogs are just acting out or having fun but if they have it, they have barking when you're away, whining, vocalizing,
10:41 am
elimination. like they have an accident in their pants, they're so scared, but they're not wearing pants. we are to treat it. we have to sort of just when you leave, keep it low. >> i actually have gone out of my home barefoot because the minute i put my shoes on they all go into a funk. >> one woman who's helping me with my dog said get a kong, one of those kongs and put it in the crate and just make it fun. >> yes. i actually use this calming spray and i swear it works. ruby seems to love it. in the meantime, everybody smells good. it is like meditation spray. >> we don't need that today. >> i have a calming collar and you're basically saying bah humbug to all of this. >> i'm not super impressed with that but the programs work. it is really a serious problem for some dogs like some people don't realize 50 million -- up
10:42 am
to 50 million dogs in this country suffer from serious separation anxiety. jill says it can sometimes and show stopper. people sometimes surrender the pet and it is put down. but you can fix it. >> the message is we can't give up on them. >> i have two rescue dogs. one had separation anxiety and they're both fixed. you can definitely fix the problem. you just have to know what to do. >> thank you very much. the contestants have been pulled off the plaza. >> what's going to happen? >> i don't know. they're ready to team up with us. >> it's a mad food challenge! one day, i want to win the science fair. and? and then go to college and study science. way to stay focused! and then i'll become a scientist and change the world! the world? now you're talking! [ female announcer ] packed with whole grain fiber and a taste kids love, frosted mini-wheats helps keep them full and focused. and when they're full and focused every day,
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with clusters, flakes, and o's. oh, ho, ho... it's the honey sweetness i...i mean, [ female announcer ] and with all these great cheerios flavors, the love just keeps on coming. back now with a new game we're calling "mad food challenge." >> i like it. >> because we just don't play enough games around here.
10:47 am
>> nbc's health and diet editor madelyn fernstrom will test our knowledge of all things food. today it is all about our daily requirements of nutrients. she picked our teammates off the plaza earlier on. my team, the winning team, we have the mom-daughter duo of diane and erin from pennsylvania. >> isn't that nice? >> yes, it is. >> i have a lovely couple dating for three years from holland, michigan, one of my favorite places. mark waterstone and samantha -- >> gobanoza. >> good enough. >> you know the rules. so i'm going to read a question and give you three answers. then buzz in, anyone on the team. if you're right, you get a point but if the other team is not right -- >> we get to steal! >> you get to steal. so let's start with our first question. >> what is it? >> you should consume about 75 grams of protein daily. but which one of these would you get that from all at one time? >> mark. >> a pound of tofu.
10:48 am
>> no! >> i'm sorry, mark. what is it? >> we're going with, c, a dozen egg whites. final answer. >> and that is also wrong! >> no points there. >> wow. >> i don't like this game. >> yes, you do. now we go on to vitamin d. from which one of these can you get your whole daily dose of vitamin d? >> we already pushed it. what is it? >> 20 minutes in the sun. >> no! >> yes! >> i knew you had it. >> erin! erin! >> 20 minutes in the sun without sunscreen does it. >> let's switch a little bit over to caffeine-free foods. which of the following will give you 300 pill grams of calcium a day. >> i don't think so. >> five cups of romaine, six cups of brock li, or two cups of lentils. >> definitely not lettuce. >> we are going with b, three cups of broccoli. >> and you would be right!
10:49 am
>> i have a great feeling about this. this one is about sugar, so which one of the following will exceed your added sugars, that extra suger in a day that's limited for the whole day. licorice, slice of apple pie, or -- >> the answer is five licorice twists. >> you would be wrong, team hoda. >> what is it, baby? >> we're going to go with "c." >> you would be right. okay. >> next, which of the following provides enough vitamin c for your whole day? >> wow, samantha. >> what is it, samantha? no pressure. >> let's go with one large apple. >> you would be wrong. >> think, girl. team hoda, think. vitamin c. >> i'm going with the smart one, the potato. >> and you would be right.
10:50 am
>> okay. next. here is our final question so think, ladies. how much should you drink every day to stay hydrated? is it eight eight-ounce glasses of water -- >> "a." >> you would be wrong. >> come on, samantha. >> hello! >> "c." >> that is correct. >> way to go. >> it's over. and the final tally is -- >> the winner is -- >> i think you guys got three. >> we did. >> congratulations. >> oh, no, i don't want the cookies. >> now that you know how to eat healthy, you should know how to cook healthy. must-have kitchen gadgets for college kids. >> i don't want my gift.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
okay. college students are always on the go whether it's running to class or pulling all nighters and when hunger hits you know how it goes. >> you'll order a pizza or down a bag of chips because there's no time or space to cook something healthy. >> with keeping the freshman 15 at bay, here's the editor of chris kimball. good to see you. >> this is one of the things where it's easy to put on weight. you'll never cook healthy in the dorm, but you beg to differ. >> i beg to differ, you don't have a stove, but you have electricity. so you want to cook eggs the west bend cookers, you can do up to seven at a time or poach four eggs. >> let's see how it works. >> this is adorable.
10:55 am
>> put salt and pepper and everything on it. >> it looks cute. >> you add water, put the top back on, hit the on button, done. >> this boils them? >> this is the same thing. it's a lower level. you can actually hard cook or soft cook. >> got it. >> okay. the $99 cuisinart gridgriddler. it opens all the way up if you like and turns into the full griddle. >> use pam on that first? >> you can do that. or make a panini, cook pancakes. there's the freshman 20 there. and you want to cook rice, no problem. it has this. you put in the rice. you add 1 1/2 parts of water to one part rice. that's the basic formula. >> right. >> then this goes into the microwave. >> you're kidding? i should get that for my house. >> it takes the same amount of
10:56 am
time as the stove pot. five minutes, let it rest five, you're done. >> okay. >> okay. this is -- this i thought was the dumbest thing ever. but i thought you wouldn't mind. this is the microwave chipmaker, it actually works. >> people make their own chips. >> it takes a few minutes in the microwave. it has a little slicer, don't touch it. an unnamed host almost lost most of his finger doing this. thank you so much. >> really? >> but should you try. >> i don't know anybody that would do it. >> why not buy a bag -- >> i was right. >> come on, popcorn. you put up to half a cup in here. boom. in the microwave. takes a few minutes. >> air popped. >> yeah. >> healthier too. >> this is the old 18, 19th century concept called the toddy
10:57 am
cold brew. you let the water sit overnight for 12 hours. >> oh. >> we're watching. >> take this off at the bottom. here we go. it will dip -- you keep saying ew. >> because it looks foul. it looks like the la brea tar pits. >> this is very nice. put some tea in there. put that over -- >> that's smart. >> you like that? >> that's cute. >> i get like a "b" on this. okay, zoku. one popsicle at a time. do two different juices if you want. in the freezer for 24 hours. >> we have to run. we love you. tomorrow, a special hour that's going to inspire you and your kids.
10:58 am
>> how to help your kids make it in show biz. how to help them recognize their own passion. see you tomorrow. >> we promise we'll make up for today. do you see the 10% back in points, aw baby, i'm seeing triple again. plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the 2, 3, even 4 services you want to build the bundle that works for you. [ female announcer ] call at&t now! choose a u-verse
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11:00 am
only at denny's. right now at 11:00, sifting through all that damage. the owners of a handful of storage units lose everything as it goes up in flames in a fire. now investigators looking for a cause. good morning, everybody, thanks a lot for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> good morning, i'm marla tellez. the fire broke out about 6:20 this morning on public storage on felipe avenue not far from the 101/280 interchange. bob redell joins us live from the scene with the latest on this investigation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla and jon. the san jose fire department is not saying if this fire has destroyed four units at the public storage

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